Short Story By Burke w

All I can feel is cold, I can't see anything, I can't hear anything, and I don't remember anything.

Than suddenly I come to, I roll off of my face and feel the blood trickle down the right side of my face. I feel around my mouth with my tongue to check if anything is out of place or missing, nope, just a puffy upper lip. Then I remember what is probably the biggest source of blood, my nose. I bring my hand up from my side and feel the bridge of it and wince back in pain, probably broken. I look down at my feet and see that both of my skis are already clicked off and to the side of the feature I just came off of. I stand up which surprisingly doesn't hurt to bad, and grab some snow for my nose as I walk up to the top of the knuckle. I as I go to grab my skis I give the ‘’thumbs up’’ signal to the guys at the top of the drop in knuckle. I take the snow off my nose and chuck it into the woods on the edge of the run as I click into my skis, I give the guys at the top the ‘’I'm out’’ sign and start heading down to the ski patrol station at the bottom of the hill. Once I arrive I look and see my reflection in the glass and realize it's not too bad, so I pop out of my skis and start heading up to my car. Once I get there I throw my skis, and helmet in the trunk and my goggles in their case.

As I arrive home I leave my skis in the garage and put the rest of my stuff away and collapsed on my bed, falling into a deep sleep instantly. The next morning I awake to a powdery snow covering the sidewalks, and roads like a big white blanket. As I roll out of my bed I get a text from my buddy Dom, but everybody calls him either salsa, or saucy boy.

He told me that after I fell yesterday, 5 other guys did the exact same thing, and after he went to check it out and it looked like someone had cut into the rail with something, making so our edges of our skis get caught, and we go flying off the rail.

I text him back saying that I saw derek, the park crew guy working on the feature before we got there. I get kind of suspicious when I remember that because Dom and I have had some beef with derek before but nothing too bad, unless Dom has.

I text Dom again asking him about derek, but he doesn't respond right away, so I go downstairs to make breakfast.

Once I finish breakfast I get a response from Dom, “yea dude, I’ve had tons of beef with that dude” I text back “like what?” Than I head upstairs and start getting ready to head to the hill.

Than i text one more thing to Dom, “heading out 2 the hill, meet u there"

I grab my jacket and boots and head out to my car.

Until I remember all the snow, I grab a shovel and shovel just enough of the driveway so I can get out into the street the I throw my stuff in the car and head out.

Once I arrive at my hill, I take a couple laps as I wait for Dom to show up. I head over to the terrain park to see if they changed anything, and sure enough, there were two new rails and a new jib plaza the was packed with rails boxes and a giant corrugated pipe to grind and stall on.

I check out the features before I hit any of them, and see that one of the new rails has a giant gash on the end. Instantly I a thought pops into my head and it's not a good one, I check the jump before the rail just to make sure, and sure enough I was right. Derek. Every Terrain park crew guy at our hill has a color of spray paint assigned to them for marking the jumps they build, Derek's is orange and just as I thought the jump to the jacked up feature was marked with orange, meaning it was put up by Derek.

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