New Hampshire Colony, Founded 1683 Siena Tainsh


- He is most notably known for the founding of the New Hampshire colony, after being banished from Massachusetts Bay colony.

- He was born in 1592 and met his end in 1679.

- John Wheelwright also worked closely with John Mason, another important man who helped found New Hampshire.


- The colony of New Hampshire was strictly Puritan.

- The colonists followed a tense moral code, preventing them from doing some of the things many people in modernity take for granted.

- Gradually, the people grew away from those in their original colony, Massachusetts.


- Weather in New Hampshire was often to the extreme in the colder months.

- Despite this, many summers were mild.

- Rocky terrain, mountains, and poor soil were abundant problems in the colony, but the colonists were still able to grow many crops, including pumpkin and rye.


- Many of the colonists in New Hampshire had jobs in fishing, whaling, farming, and building, especially ships.

- Whales were very important to the economy because the oil from their blubber was used to light lanterns.

- Presently, apples and greenhouse crops are very important to the trade.


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