Obeying the laws BY:Jasseca,Maria,Shurle,Marco

Why is it important?

  • Obeying the laws is important because, without laws this world wouldn't function properly. Laws are put in place to protect us from dangerous happenings.


If we didn't have laws the world would be in terrible chaos. There would be all types of different behavior(mostly violent).


  • Murders will be able to get away
  • There would be a lot of car accidents
  • People would hurt each other without getting warned
  • There would be a lot of arguments and fights

A world with laws 😊

With the world having laws people would be put in there place. It would be more controlled not much people would get hurt.


  • Criminals would get sent to jail when they commit a crime
  • There wouldn't be much car accidents because there would be speed limits
  • If they don't have there seat belt on they would get stopped because they would be in danger
  • The police men would stop people who drink and drive and send them to jail because they're putting other citizens at risk.

Learn the law, Live the law and pass it on


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