We find ourselves on the campus of what appears to be one of our popping colleges . Our Cali trio find themselves in the midst of a the college lifestyle. At this school beautiful women are every where.

We establish the campus with coverage of females playing volleyball, some females exercising/yoga others just walking around looking sexy.

We will capture the fellas in a continues motion type of approach. The camera never stops it just folllows the action until we wipe to another scene. This type of coverage will. be throughout the video as we follow our story line.

This college environment is the perfect backdrop for the fellas to hustle and make money. Instead of being scholars the fellas are getting a degree in hustling and making money. We capture each guy as they make money off the different characters at the college. We never really show what's being sold be we do show the fellas collecting plenty of money.

The performances will take place in various parts of the campus. The sex appeal of the females and the swag and charisma of the guys will make this video the hottest of the summer. Similiar to the movie "How High" or the popular video from The Young Gunz "Can't Stop, Won't Stop". We will also capture one off performances to go along with our storyline....

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