The Silence of the Lambs By thomas Harris

When I was 12 years old I remember I tried to read this book but I'd never finished till now, so I think it wasn't for me at that time, I just wanted to get the habit of reading even though I consider that the books I chose for begginig were to complex (meaning the vocabulary depending on the context) or maybe those weren't my type, I really don't know ( I want to clarify that the first book I owned, that I bought by and for myself when I was 10, it was Dracula and I haven't finished it yet, I'm like in the third chapter), anyways now that I'm 18 years old I would like to say to my little dear self: "Why hadn't you read it completely ever?, it's a pretty scheming and interesting novel, as an extra point the characters are just "well thought out" with a deep background. WHY?"
This book takes part of the series Hannibal Lecter and as the first image says it was written by Thomas Harris in 1988 and the genres it managed are mystery and terror but besides of that now that I surfed on the internet for some information I discovered that this book was award-winnig with Bram Stoker Award, what I found kinda hilarious because this dedicated award is for the man that wrote the first book that I owned, is interesting for me 'cause I didn't know they were related in some wise.
One of the delightful things for me that I found on this book is that it was made with a lot of details about how does it work the FBI, the behavior of people, scientific research or for example the "design" of the characters or how the writer was able to already make the story make you feel nervous while you're reading because you let your mind go away on thinking what is going to happen and you keep reading to find out if your deductions were correcctly or you just run quickly through the pages because the needing of knowing how the story goes and I genuinely love how elaborated is the narrative, I feel like the writer got his research done and wrote the book with so much patience to connect all the situations in the book with th idea of keeping the reader in the uncertainty and I know that's the main point of a mistery novel but I´m just astonished on thinking all the hard work that the writer did and all the talent he has; the time that he took to write this book was totally worth it, I don't even know how to explain this book in a general manner.
Another reason why I like this book is because it has like a police/medical/psychology theme more exactly and FBI thing and all related with medical-criminal psychiatry; well then realizing the fact that I'm so into watching videos or reading about human behavior and how does the mind work, also reading about criminal cases (just for entertainment rarely), it's normal that I was going to like this book. In fact since I was child I enjoyed watching series like "Laws and order", "CSI:", "Doctor House" and one that I want to watch it really bad now is "Lie to me".
Now in a resume the plot of the novel is about a FBI student (Academy of Quantico), she's one of the best in her classes and has a past the sometimes tantalize her and she's studying there by her own merit because of her hard work, an extra fact is that physically she's pretty and I mentioning this because the men in this story react to her in some ways: they get interested on her by her looks and her attitude and knowledge and treat her decently and try to make a move on her or there's the other hand where they are intimidated by her and hamper the situations and there's another option where they just ignore this fact and understimate her 'cause she's just a student...but Doctor Hannibal is a special case... well continuing with the plot she gets involve in the resolution of a serial-killer's case summoned by the boss of the department; the serial-killer's case is about a man that kills women but nobody knows the reason why, how and where does he get her victims and neither can predict where the corpses are going to be left... well now the part of Doctor Hannibal, he is a well-known forensic psychiatrist, he's an expert in topics related with the case but he was accused for cannibalism and is in a high surveillance room properly equipped in a mental hospital, and here is where or lovely agent Starling comes into the scene, her job is go and make an interview to Dr. Hannibal to try to get some advise or information to solve the case, but things get complicated because he doesn't cooperate as the FBI wish, just because entertains himself while he is bounded, confusing agent Starling and bringin out her traumas from the past (one rule to make the interview was not giving personal information to the doctor but just doing it he would cooperate). Things get complicated because Buffalo Bill how they named this killer, had captured the daughter of a politician and you know, this people will try to move earth and sea - they can in a minor way do that- to get what they want, so Clarice starts following the clues other cases related with this and using Dr. Hannibal advices, because time is running and they need to find that girl alive, while this happens Dr. Hannibal is transfered to another hospital and in the journey he will find a way to escape (and he gets it), I just want to say he is also a brilliant agresive criminal. This might be a spoil but finally Clarice finds the girl and the situations turns to look bad because she didn't has reinforccement, but she kills him and save the girl (actually I think itwould be better if Buffalo Bill/Jame Gumb the scene where he faces agent Starling was more elaborated, I consider his death was so fast and "easy"; I was waiting for more interaction with the main characters"... and as we said Dr. Hannibal escape and make a plane to get out the country but before he sends a letter to agent Starling.
And finally my favorite character is Dr. Hannibal Lecter, if I were a character in the book and I had to interact with him the first impression I would get of him by his looks is his poise, then sometimes there is some people that are overweening because the way they talk or when they want to show up his knowledge but just for people looking at them as a wise person, well I can say that I couldn't see him like that because he speaks with propriety and has a worship vocabulary and it´s so extense, also I'm amazed by his mind and knowledge (how he connect different things in his talking, he can know arts, history, medicine, psychology, cooking, chemistry, literature...he is kind an erudite, I know that is not a good thing but I like how he manipulate people, how he make wordplays and confuse them but this arguments has logic. I know it's a criminal but his austonding and I think he doesn't have fear of anything.
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