Journey Log 8 Jay GEnt

Jay gent

Journey Log 8

April 3rd


This week was another prime example of the unconventional-style of this class. We started tuesday's class by playing a card game similar to Cards Against Humanity with the classmates at our table. The game involved choosing cards to use as answers to a specific question, such as who would win in a fight against a certain character with certain characteristics. Habits of mind such as flexibility were necessary to adjust to the card Zar's humor and preferences in order to win the game. Openness was always a key habit of mind necessary for the card Zar, who must consider the reasons for each player choosing their cards and trying to understand their thought process.

On Thursday, we played Cards against Humanity with our table and Chris.I had to use creativity, another habit of the creative mind, to create the best combination of cards to appeal to the card Zar. Unfortunately, Chris beat the rest of our table by a few cards, causing us to lose a few points. Overall, this was a good week. I am ready to start working in minecraft a lot for the manual and visual rhetorical analysis.

Bard Creative Piece:

Walk into class hoping It won't be hard

I sit at my table with decks of some cards

and so we begin, I start out as zar

the one who determines how successful you are

appeal and appeal to the zar you appeal,

a car with 10 wheels or a seal with loud squeals

which one do you choose

its all up to you

some things to consider

if you don't wanna lose

must be aware

you must be creative

if the zar wants funny

do not give him what's related

its a game full of change

so you can't stay the same

but it's testing my brain

so it's my favorite to play.


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