Natasha Barney: Harn Museum "The Good Life"

(1) Medium of the Art/ Technique of the artist: I find artwork in the form of pottery very interesting. The look of it is practical yet it gives a very different vibe in person than in a photograph. In person, you can see and, in a way, experience how detailed and textured this type of artwork is. This 3-d form of artwork always amazes me when I see it, and pottery has just always been my favorite medium of art to observe. This Water jar is an old antique piece by OKABE Mineo. The fact that it was created in 1969 makes it all the more interesting.
(2) Design of the Museum: This picture was taken in the "Art of Cundo Bermudez" exhibit. The way that this exhibit is structured with the center block-wall in the middle, I feel it makes me want to immediately observe the middle block-wall first. I liked how the walls throughout the museum were positioned and designed in a kind of "maze-like" feel to it. It gives it a fun approach when wandering through and looking at each of the art pieces.
(3) Art and Core Values: This piece especially sparked my core values because of how detailed and unique it looked. I imagined the amount of time and hard work that could have gone into this, and it sparked my strong value for hardworking, steady individuals. This "Dancing Ganesh" piece made back in the 13th century is made purely of stone, but somehow the artist was able to give this piece a fleshy softness which is very admirable.
(4) Art and the Good Life: This artwork piece to me conveys a "Good Life" because of the values it seems to hold just by a first glance at the cross. I observed closely at the description, and the male figure with angel wings turned out to be an archangel named Raphael. This archangel performed all matters to deal with healing. To me having a good life is living a life in which you can use your helpful abilities to the fullest extent for other people. I believe this closely resembles Aristotle's view of a Good Life, sense his philosophy is heavily based on the virtues and characters of us humans as individuals.
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