Manufactured Reality by John Tischer

That should be an oxymoron. They say it isn’t. What? Soon I’ll have to get my organic reality at the organic reality market? ”Whole Realities”? I don’t think so. …leaving a trail of bloody marbles… “those are the pearls that were his eyes” No allowance for a soul? How can you manufacture the self-arising mandala? Compassion/love is built in…otherwise, humanity wouldn’t have survived… …you don’t teach compassion, you realize it. Can a machine do that? Can a machine be made that can recognize/create beauty? Can a machine express the inexpressible through gesture, like a Zen master? Machine/simulacrum can only fake at being human, like a sociopath with bad brain wiring….whereas, human mind, Burning Man Mind, is not manufactured, rather, it is already part of the environment…not a separate piece of machinery, playing the foolbot.

Image by torbakhopper (flickr)

Created By
John tischer


torbakhopper on flickr

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