Treasure Valley Children's Theater Goals, objectives, straTegies, tactics, messages, themes

GOAL: Increase community participation

OBJECTIVE: Sell out event tickets by May 4th

STRATEGY: Sell 2 private group ticket bundles

TACTIC: Market to family oriented locations such as orthodontists or doctors as a gift to give to their clients.

STRATEGY: Heavily advertise using both traditional and digital media

TACTICS: Brochure/flyers, Meridian press tribune, non-media, school announcements

GOAL: Increase community participation

OBJECTIVE: Engage community through targeted media campaign

STRATEGY: Use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to increase interaction/exposure

TACTICS: Launch online costume contest, tag-a-friend, use hashtags to spread exposure #magicalmoments

STRATEGIES: Get on at least 3 community calendars

TACTICS: KTVB, KBOI, Idaho Scene Calendar, Make sure calendar event is linked to ticket sales

GOAL: Raise money towards a new performing arts center

OBJECTIVE: Raise $10,000

STRATEGIES: Character Carnival on May 4th, 2017.

TACTICS: Sponsorship booths, Craft tables, Raffles for TVCT scholarships, photo opportunities

GOAL: Raise money towards a new performing arts center

OBJECTIVE: Sell out Character Carnival at 500 tickets by May 4th

STRATEGY: Send out flyers/brochures

TACTICS: Send out flyers and brochures to local schools, send out news releases to various medias

THEMES: Witness the whimsical, magical moments

MESSAGES: Exclusive experiences, once in a lifetime

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