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The day I became a mom my life was enriched in ways I never knew possible. There’s a well known quote that rings true when it says that ‘...becoming a mom is not about what you gave up to have a child, but what you gained by having one...’
I’ve learned that a mother’s love is unconditional. It knows no boundaries and grows deeper day by day.
I’ve also learned that with a good sense of humor a lack of sleep, teething babies and stepping on Lego blocks is not so bad!
Regaining a healthy body weight after pregnancy shouldn’t be seen as a struggle or a fight. Diets and strict weight loss programs may add unnecessary stress while your focus should rather be on bonding with & enjoying your little one.
At my Aesthetic clinic in Somerset West I often get requests from patients seeking advice about safe&effective ways to achieve a healthy body weight after pregnancy. As a mom of two I understand the changes our bodies go through and the challenges involved with regaining a healthy weight post-pregnancy.
At Dermapulse our weight loss programs encourage a healthy lifestyle and offers safe & effective treatments for eliminating stubborn fat deposits, reducing centimeters, improving cellulite and refining stretch marks. Don’t throw that pair of jeans away quite yet...
Special thanks to photographer Elani van Wyk for capturing the love I have for my little ones. Elani's professionalism and amazing talent for photography is exceptional and we highly recommend her for any of your photography needs. View her portfolio on Facebook. See link below.
Best wishes, Caroline Lindes, Dermapulse Laser Clinic
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