We began our project by designing posters to promote our show.

We sorted out the flyers to give to each class and printed the extra copies we needed!

We put up lots of posters and flyers around the school and went around the classes to tell the children all about our show!

In class, we designed our puppets and decided what materials we were going to make them out of.

We designed and decorated cupcakes and gingerbread men to sell before the show.

When puppet soup came in to our class, we created our own puppets using recycable material and had so much fun!

Class 9 had an all access pass to welcome, direct and seat all of our audience! We also collected raffle money and sorted out the refreshments for everyone!

We finally relaxed, sat back and enjoyed the show!

A massive thanks to the Arts Council of Wales for supporting the show and for Puppet Soup for a spectacular performance! Diolch yn fawr!

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