The Totalitarian Capitol By Nick Lawrence

Many people know the famous book and movie, The Hunger Games. With its unique government that people do what their told and have very little choices they can make on their own, the districts their not allowed to leave, the deaths from starvation, it seems just a story. But what many people don’t know is that their totalitarian government isn't as fake as it seems. Some countries like north Korea are Totalitarian. Totalitarian governments and the capitol are harsh and cruel to their citizens.
Totalitarian governments are harsh on people and are very strict with all citizens. Most people that live in a country or in this case the capitol, do not like their living style, people don’t make very much money and a lot of people die because of a lack of food(Collins,6). The Totalitarian governments make it so that in school, teachers teach the kids about how “great” their leader is.
All of this brings me to my next topic, how the capitol keeps people from rebelling. The capitol starves people, and shows them every year how powerful they are by doing the hunger games. By pretty much killing 23 people each year it shows people that the capitol doesn’t mess around(Collins, 18). A regular totalitarian government also makes it difficult to get a needed amount of food but they don’t force 24 people to ruthlessly murder each other. And sometimes they will even do public whippings or other punishments to show them how powerful they are(How Saudi Arabia's Harsh Legal Punishments Compare to the Islamic State's).
Leading to my next topic, what laws do the capitol and a totalitarian government have. There laws, from what we can tell, are very similar. You stay where you're supposed to, do what your told and don't break the law. Breaking the law results in harsh punishments, consisting of whipping, going to prison camps, and possibly even death. Let's say that someone commits a crime, not just him/her, but their whole family, even very distant cousins that may not even know each other get punished(Frontline: Secret State of North Korea).
Totalitarian governments and the capitol are harsh and cruel to their citizens. They starve people sometimes to death to make sure they are not strong enough to rebel or act against the government. their punishments are extreme with whipping and possible death. so next time you read or watch the hunger games, just remember that what happens in there, is possibly happening right now, in the real world.
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