Andrew Carnegie Robber Barron

Andrew Carnegie was a Robber Barron. He influenced people to leave their businesses because they were unaware of how much money they are making. Just because people do not know how much they are accumulating, should't mean they have to leave their company or business.

Andrew Carnegie was paying his workers two dollars and a quarter a day for twelve hours of work. These men were working in poor, dangerous conditions that could harm them. They should be getting paid much more for how hard they are working. Then again, the workers are the reason why Carnegie is as rich as he is. The men who shoveled in the rain would get paid even less. Only one dollar and forty cents

Workers would get paid between 4 and 9 quarters per day.

Carnegie played a double roll. He would treat his workers horribly and give them little pay. But he used the money he made to give to charities. He wanted to have a good view in society so he gave much money to popular organizations. He reduced the wages of his workers so he could give to other people not involved in his life.

Andrew Carnegie did influence many things that take place today such as the Andrew Carnegie foundation, beautiful buildings,and railroads.

There is an Andrew Carnegie foundation that takes place today. The foundation is committed to developing new ideas and technology. Andrew Carnegie was a big influence for new ideas back in the Gilded Age and still is today.

Andrew Carnegie Mansion

There are still many buildings today that were built in the Gilded Age such as the Andrew Carnegie Mansion in New York. We also use steel to build buildings like they did too.

Some railroads that we have today are the same ones from the Gilded Age. This mode of transportation is still very popular today and without the outbreak of them, our country would be less developed. It would be much harder to move people and things for long distances as well.


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