Community Leaders Action Summit, March 28-30, 2017 Digital guidance

Welcome to the 2017 Community Leaders Action Summit!

Use this guide throughout the summit to share your experiences with NCLR.

During the 2017 NCLR Community Leaders Action Summit (CLAS), you’ll meet with other advocates from around the country who are committed to advancing social justice in the Latino community. We encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions about your experiences during this year’s summit. NCLR has prepared guidance for social media best practices and has created some sample updates for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We have also prepared for you a number of sample tweets specific to the core issues NCLR works on as an institution. These messages should be used throughout the summit to help bring visibility to whichever issue is most relevant to your organization.

For this summit, we’ll be using #NCLRSummit17 and #ProtectAndDefend throughout the summit. NCLR staff want to be sure we catch all your social media updates about the convening, so be sure to incorporate these hashtags into your messages. Using our official hashtags and mentioning @NCLR in your tweets/Instagram/Facebook updates will allow our Digital team to aggregate social media posts for later use. Also, if you plan to participate, make sure your accounts are public so NCLR can see your posts.

Join our Thunderclap!

On March 29, we will be on Capitol Hill to take a stand against the Trump Administration’s intensified deportation enforcement that is tearing apart American families and leaving U.S. citizen children separated from their parents. We are demanding that Congress to reject the Administration’s policy by refusing their funding request.

Will you join our Thunderclap and raise your voice to defend the American children and families who are at risk?

For any questions about the use of hashtags or other social media tools, please contact David Castillo at Not on social media? Email David Castillo your photos to be featured on the NCLR blog!







Social Media Best Practices


During the summit, there will be many opportunities for you to share your experiences with NCLR and the rest of the world. Below are some ideas for what you can tweet, as well as some pre-written messages to help get you started.


  • Here’s an opportunity for a post: say you’ve just arrived at the Community Leaders Action Summit. Let the world know how excited you are to join the meeting! Sample: I’m here in DC ready to work! Looking forward to great discussion! #ProtectAndDefend (This tweet would be a great opportunity for a selfie.)
  • Take a look at the agenda. Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to? Sample: Can’t wait to hear opening remarks from @JMurguia_NCLR! #ProtectAndDefend
  • If there is a particular question that comes up that you like, share your opinions about it, or ask one of your own!
  • Photos! Photos! Photos! Be sure to take plenty of photos throughout the summit. Tweets with photos are some of the most popular and are more likely to get retweeted. There will be ample opportunities over the course of the two days for you to snap some great shots.
  • GIFs Twitter now supports searchable gifs. Often these animated gifs can express just how you feel. You can search for them right from your Twitter account.


Photos are a great way to share your experiences and Instagram is one of the best platforms for doing that! As with Twitter, you should incorporate the #ProtectAndDefend hashtag into all of your posts.


Here are some shots of the convening that you should consider taking:

Before and During the Convening

  • Are you an early bird and first to arrive? Consider a shot of the “calm before the storm.” Take a photo of the empty meeting room, and then take another of the crowded room.
  • Shots of the Galludet campus or convention center give followers some context of where you are.
  • Take pictures of speakers or audience members listening—remarks from Janet Murguía would be a great opportunity.
  • Breakout sessions also provide a great opportunity for more intimate photos.
  • Ice breakers or chants to get the crowd going would make great shots. This would also be a good time to use Instagram’s video feature.

During Hill Visits

  • Take photos of the Capitol and surrounding area—an excellent selfie opportunity!
  • Get a shot of the senator’s or representative’s name plate outside the office.
  • Take action shots of #ProtectAndDefend attendees meeting with legislative staff or Members of Congress.
  • If there is a handoff of materials for the staffer or member, get a shot of that taking place.
  • Post photos of the group posing with legislative staffers or congressional representatives.
  • Sample Instagram Posts: After a day of training, we’re ready to advocate for the Latino community! [Photo of attendee/s outside the office of a member of Congress]


  • Facebook also offers a great platform for visuals. Remember that you can always post photos from Instagram to your Facebook page. They will be seen in-line on your newsfeed as if you had posted directly to Facebook itself.
  • You can also post any video you take directly to Facebook. Visits to Capitol Hill provide a great opportunity to do this.

Sample Issue Messages


  • The president’s EOs on immigration in two words: inhumane and un-American. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Any funding that Congress gives to the administration to carry out its immigration policies will harm U.S. citizens. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • We don’t turn on those fleeing persecution and violence. That’s not the American way. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Congress: reject excessive & unnecessary funding requests for the #borderwall! #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Immigration reform is an economic boon. If Senate bill passed in '14, deficit would’ve been cut by $197B. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Fact: If all eligible legal permanent residents became citizens, they’d pay as much as $2B in taxes. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • The president's un-American executive orders erode the #civilrights of citizens. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Undocumented immigrants DO pay taxes, to the tune of $11B in state/local taxes every year. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17


  • We will continue to fight to #ProtectAndDefend health care for all #ACA #NCLRSummit17.
  • The consequences of repealing the Affordable Care Act are too great for millions of Americans. [use this graphic] #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Latinos now w/health care: more than 4M. Latino uninsured rate: all-time low. We can’t afford to repeal #ACA #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • @POTUS must tell Congress to maintain #CHIP funding, which has overwhelming bipartisan support. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • #CHIP plays a significant role in our community. It has helped nearly 700k kids gain coverage since 2013. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • #Medicaid is the bedrock of our nation's safety net. Some in Congress now want to end it as we know it. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • The gains Latinos have made are in jeopardy of being wiped away by the House #healthcare plan. #ProtectAndDenfed #NCLRSummit17


  • Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and you help 7.5M Americans, incl. 1.7M Latinos. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • We must #defendCFPB and its work to protect consumers. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Tax reform should create a more progressive tax code by reforming the Mortgage Interest Deduction. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • @CFPB helps Americans build credit, manage finances, & work towards fin. stability. We must #defendCFPB. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Congress can expand access to infrastructure jobs by requiring local hiring on projects. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Almost 30% of those working in construction jobs and 17% of those employed in mining are Latino. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17


  • Congress should focus on housing, protect anti-homelessness programs, fund low-income housing counseling. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • @HUDgov ensures fair housing laws, which ensure equal access. It’s critical we continue funding the agency. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Congress: want to promote homeownership? Do it through the Distressed Asset Stabilization Program! #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17


  • To build on #Latino student success, Congress must increase access to & improve Early Childhood Education. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Every kid should have access to a quality education. Congress and @POTUS should hold schools responsible. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Latinos & 5M English learners in the US need the tools and knowledge to excel. #ESSA should ensure this. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • Only 76% of Latino kids graduate high school in 4 years. We can do better. @POTUS and Congress can help. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLRSummit17
  • @usedgov: prioritize protecting students’ constitutional rights to equal protection under the law. #ProtectAndDefend #NCLR Summit17

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