By: Michael Lemus Ruballos

The Vietnam was not a easy war many kid where lift out to live by themselves as orphans. Many kids were orphans in this time, because there dad went fight for the war, and there mother could not support theme. Many kids were hurt from attacks from Viet Cong, and with this some of there houses were destroyed. Many kids spent there days in a bomb shelter, and they did this so they could stay away from the harmful waves of radiation from the outside from nuclear bombs and any attacks from bombs like airstrikes. The impact this had on children by causing theme to live by themselves, and also living in fear of the outside world. The children only made a small fraction of the people that were in refugees. The children could no longer be outside do to the affects of the bombing in the outside. The kid had to live in fear. They were losing there fathers because they were drafted into war, and the women could not support


Created with images by manhhai - "Vietnamese children during the war"

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