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KaDee Holt
I contribute creative, innovative and forward-thinking solutions to IntellISource and to all of the partners that we work alongside. Listening, processing and developing ideas to help our partner’s reach their full potential. My perfect work environment is fast-paced, ever-changing and under deadlines. I enjoy seeing the results, meeting goals and celebrating our wins on a regular basis.


I look at life with a million different options to get to the result. My passion is to identify which is the best path but one where I get to learn along the way and make the journey fun for everyone involved. The best case scenario is when I get to create a new path that is out of the box and the road less traveled. I bring this gift of consideration to my professional life by looking at our customer's business and designing many options to get the result we collaborative achieve together. It is my goal to always enjoy the process and celebrate all the wins - big and small!


  • I thrive on driving seeing results and change.
  • I always consider the candidate perspective and have a passion for delivering a positive candidate experience that leads to a strong work culture.
  • I love learning and will never stop that process - it keeps ideas new and solutions relevant.
  • I have proven success and can be a little nerdy when it comes to generating market research, supporting business development, maintaining a consistent brand, developing content marketing, creating a strong social voice and developing professional relationships.
  • I have a track record of delivering complex and creative solutions and I thrive in a highly challenging, entrepreneurial environment.
  • I have a dog named Bentley that blinks with one eye at a time, I call my playlists "mixed tapes" and I inherently know all of the lyrics to country music.

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