Volcanoes By: Sofie decrescenzo

What is a volcano

Underneath the crust of the earth hot melted rock collects in a chamber known as a magma chamber. In order for the magma to erupt the magma flows through a conduit up into a vent on the surface hat then leads to an eruption. As the volcano erupts gases, lava, and pyroclastic material come out.

Where do volcanoes form?

Volcanos usually form in hot spots, spreading centers, fault zones, and subduction zones

Are eruption styles important?

The way volcanoes are classified is by their hight, shape, magma type, and eruption style. So yes the way a volcano erupts is important

Extra facts

The word volcano came a God named Vulcan the god of fire.
Volcanoes are classified as active Dormant or extinct

The end


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