GENERATIVE DESIGN STRATEGIES A movement in design and the new role oF designerS WITH John BRISCELLA AMiNIMAL STUDIO

“First we build the tools, then they build us.” ― Marshall McLuhan

To inspire, educate, mentor, and empower with design and emerging technology

Offering lectures, classes, software + hardware training, mentoring, consulting, design, and project involvement to engage new ways of designing.

Generative Design Strategies is an approach and methodology of art, industrial design, architecture, engineering, and business. By merging the machine into the creative process, we will explore the systems and their possibilities of algorithms as design tools and robotic manufacturing techniques to create functional designs. Creating an integrated process from concept to release and skill-sharing.


Intro - A lecture on design philosophy, existing works, techniques with algorithms, software and hardware research, and tools will prepare participants with the cognitive approach to generative design.

Workflow - Demonstrating a process for generative design to show tools and to apply methods.

Software - Teaching 3D skills with team or 1-1 training. Algorithms, 3D Modeling, CAD, CAM, Generative, Procedural, Rendering, etc...

Production - hands-on training for outputting design. 3D scanning, 3D printing, CNC milling, Lasercutting, Plastic Injection molding, Robotic Manufacturing, Product automation, Chemical etching, Chroming, Finishing, etc...

Consulting - Interested in joining projects with emergent technology and software. In the industries of Art, Architecture, Product Design, Fashion, Software + Hardware development, Experience Design, VR and more. Please write us your ideas and intention.



Tekina Optimal Bow - Archery, Art and Technology

Take a look at our approach to the design process. Read the full story here


John Briscella is an American artist, industrial designer, architect, urban strategist, technologist, machinist, entrepreneur, and educator with the goal to inspire the potential of Art and to create a movement in Design. Focused on the research of complex systems and the use of emerging technologies as an approach to designing in the 21st century, John co-founded AMiNiMAL studio.

The philosophy of simplifying complexity with the advancement of technology has been a technique used in his design approach to create intricate functional forms. While John's intentions to master many different skill sets and disciplines is prevalent in his body of work and trajectory, his passions are the main determining force and focus. His designed spaces focuses on creative interactivity and community involvement. His love for city planning has connected people and their memories. The zen practice of archery has led him to redesigning a bow with generative forms. And, the involvement in software consulting pushes the limits of the possibilities with future technologies.

As an educator, John's enthusiasm is energized by creating a movement in Design by matching the advancement of design tools and determining one's passions. By exemplifying new ways of thinking about design, the strategy and approach is a collaboration / co-creation with software. The designer determines the intent and goal of the design and the software aids in the problem solving of the form and material. Insight to the new role of future designers, generative design software, and robotic manufacturing / 3D printing.

Open invitation to all. Follow our facebook group. Sharing research, education, and projects involving strategies to develop works in Generative Design.

Please post articles on Automation, 3D printing, AI, Robotics, Tutorials, Leadership, Business, Motivation, etc. Write about your Projects, Ask questions for feedback, Participation and involvement in your work, Job postings, Competitions, etc


RESOURCES: Check out some software used. Training is available.

Autodesk Dreamcatcher

Ntopology Element

Fusion 360

Rhino 3D + Grasshopper

and much more..

Looking forward to hearing from you

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