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Soccer Head Coach Michael Keel, exemplifies to his players how to complete a certain exercise involving resistant bands. "The class affords the guys to be able to build chemistry, increase strength, technical and tactical abilities," Keel said. "However, my goal is for them to leave this soccer program as better men, not just athletes."

Joshua Ibrahim, 12, and Jayden Farias, 10, stretch before they begin their workouts in the weight room. "We go to the weight room twice a week which helps separate ourselves from other teams so later we can showcase our improvement," Ibrahim said.

Avery Florence, 12, puts weight on the bar for Push-Press. "Workouts in the off-season are meant to strengthen us for the season," Florence said. "That's why we do many types of workouts that are centered around explosive power or injury prevention."

Thomas Jones, 12, reads his workout sheet to see what exercise to complete next. In the class period, the players mainly do workouts at their own pace and individually, however some have partners to spot them when they have to lift or squat weights.

Players complete a wide variety of workouts given to them by the Strength and Conditioning coach, Coach Tatum, before the end of class. This workout allows each player to work on a variety of muscles to help them become stronger and ready for the season.

Joshua Ipock, 12, and Casey Krueger, 12, begin warm-ups with leg stretches. "Stretching before practices gives us time to prepare us physically and mentally," Ipock said. "I think being in this class is necessary for us to get ready for the season and enables us to build our team chemistry."

Angel Quiroz, 11, Leonel Hernandez, 11, and Joshua Ibrahim, 12, complete broad jumps during warmups. For about ten minutes before class Coach Keel gives different warm-ups that are meant to challenge each player mentally and physically.

German exchange student Dominique Thiele, 12, runs from side to side as part of warmups. "In Germany, we play club, schools don't normally offer sports," Thiele said. "I'm very excited for the games I will get to play while I'm here."

Jackson Lindley, 10, and Nedim Pasalic, 10, try to gain control of the ball. "I feel like being in this class and practicing with others and struggling makes us all better," Lindley said. "We practice different drills like shooting, passing, and controlling."

Haydin Baylis, 9, controls the ball as it was passed to him. "Even though I'm a freshman the soccer class hasn't been that difficult so far," Baylis said. "I've been able to learn new styles of soccer and how to work with new people."

During the scrimmages, each of the players demonstrated a different skill set and mastery. During practice, the players get the chance to exhibit their skills and learn from their peers what they need to work on.
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