The Last Voyage By:Kinsley brennan

As me and my mum headed off the Carpathian. I look at her. Her face us as cold as stone. I don't blame her we have just watched are papa/husband die. Or maybe not he may have been able to find a life boat.

There is always hope. A young man in a uniform approaches us.

He ask "Come in we have many extra rooms for you to sleep why stand in the cold."

She replies, " No we are fine standing in the cold, but my husband is not."

He looked at her like she was barmy. I sit and think if it was possible for papa to find a life boat before it sank. I can't think I'm to tired. I tell mom that I am going to go find a bed and that I don't feel good. She nods.

As I go inside to find the steward. As I am looking I see huge glass windows at the plain old night sky. So dark like it had just swallowed the titanic howl.

I find the apple "n" pears as I still gander for a steward. After walking for what seemed like an hour I find one.

I ask them, "could you please tell my mum who goes by Martha Lane my room number and tell her to come inside."

He says, "jolly ace." All I can do is think about my poor papa so posh and amazing. I look at the clock. It is almost morning yet I can't go to sleep I feel so gormless. I know though in less than one fortnight I will be across the pond. But only have half a heart for the other will be with papa.

As I am about to go to take a kip. I hear the screaming of bairns. They are screaming at full beans MUM! They probably are alone without there mum who is still on the titanic. There are many children who will have to serve the rest of there life without parents, one including me. I decide to go find my one and only mum when a quite dodgy looking

man says,"come with me."

"Who are you," I ask.

"I know were your papa is," he claims. That word now makes my heart startle.

"I don't believe you rubbish," I shout. Then I leg it.

The next day my mother runs from the telly and exclaims, "papa is alive!"

Apparently some desire mate found him. Then I start to think was it the old man that I had called duff and rude. I shall not worry for my papa is alive.

(Mum- mother) (Barmy- mad or crazy) (apples "N" pears -stairs) (Rubbish - trash, garbage)

(Across the pond- In America) (Bairns- Kids) (Dodgy - not to be trusted) (Kip - nap)

(Ace - brilliant, which means very good) (telly- telephone) (Duff - useless, junk, trash)

(Leg it - run, run for it) (Fancy - desire) (Gander - look around) (Posh - high class)

(Full of beans - lots of energy) (Gormless - clueless) (Fortnight- 14 days (Jolly - very)

(Mate - friend)


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