Arizona by ariely soto

My state project was on Arizona. Did you know that arizona means a spanish name wich is arizonc wich was from the indian word ali sonak which means small spring?

Arizona's state animal is a ringtail cat. It's scientific name is a bassariscus astutus.

The cactus wren is arizona's state bird. The cactus wren eats insects like ants, beetles, grass hoppers, and wasps.

The saguaro cactus blossom is arizona's state flower. It usualy blooms in May and June.

Arizona's state insect is the two-tailed swallowtail. The two-tailed swallowtail wingspan is 3-5 inches.

Arizona's state motto is Ditat Deus, which means God enriches.

Arizona's state nickname is '' The Grand Canyon State ''. Did you know that Arizona is the home to the biggest rose bush?

Arizona's state song is ''Arizona March Song ".

Arizona's state stone is turquoise. It's blue-green, waxy surfaced, and used in south west indian jewlary.

The palo verde is Arizona's state tree, which is spanish for green wood or stick.

The state capital of Arizona is Phoenix. Did you know more than 2.2 million people viset Metropolitan, Phoenix each year?

Two major cities in Arizona are Phonix and Tucson. Phoenix is Arizona's state capital, and Tucson is home to university of Arizona, which has many vintage shops, nightclubs, and restaurants near the campus.

Arizona's weather is usually very hot in the summer and mild in the winters.

One of Arizona's land marks is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a mile deep land mark.

Some tourist atractions in Arizona are the meteor crater and Desert Botanical Garden which is in Phoenix.

Here is a picture of both tourist atractions.

Three famous people in Arizona are Rex Allen, a singer, Michael Carbajal, a boxer, and Lynda Cater, who is an actress.

Some sports teams in Arizona are Arizona Cardinals which is a football team and the Arizona Coyoties which is a hockey team.

Some colleges in Arizona are the University Of Arizona wich is in Tuscon, Arizona and Grand Canyon University wich is in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Ariely Soto


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