A company analysis Robert Arritt, Peter Kazmierczak & Taylor Tibbs

Who we are

Widget Software

Based out of New York City


What we do

Implement software application solutions

Sell our products & provide consulting

Background of the Problem

Operating at loss for several years

Lack of financing strategy/poor management

Cash flows from operations lacking

Running out of cash

Financial Statements

Investing Cash flow > Operating Cash flow

No cash flows from financing

Deficit in retained earnings

New York Angels

Founded in NYC in January 2004

Comprised of over 100 investors

Deals usually range from $100,000-$1 million

Members collaborate on research but invest individually

Invested over $100 million in various startup companies

Advantages of Angel Investors

Provide needed capital

Flexible business agreements

Bring vast leadership and knowledge

Usually invest locally

Located everywhere among all industries

Disadvantages of Angel Investors


Involvement in company can lead to problems

Can be deceptive

Matthew 6:20 “But lay up your treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal”


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