Benvolio the best duelist in verona by jason maksimchuk

May 3/1982. Did you ever wonder how it would be if your family had a sworn enemy? well in my prospective it sucks. It also doesn't help that i am a duelist. The Capulet's are my families sworn enemy. I still do not understand how we became sworn enemies. All I know is that it is hard to live a life with a sworn enemy. the Capulet's also have a son, his name is Tybalt, he is also a duelist. maybe even better than me. they also have other relatives that try to make trouble with us Montague's. my cousin romeo he isn't a duelist or a big fighter he is more of a lover. he is either happy by love or sad and depressed by it. my good friend Mercutio, oh he is a clever funny man. he loves to get attention and make people laugh. but we always got into trouble.

May 2/1882. Yesterday morning me and my cousins were at the gas station. we were filling my hot rod and then suddenly Tybalt and the rest of the Capulet's went in to do the same. then Tybalt started walking toward us. I knew there would be a quarrel. so as I thought us Montague's and the Capulet's were in a quarrel with each other. no one got severely hurt but we did make a lot of caous in the streets of Verona. this wasn't the fist quarrel us and the Capulet's were in, there were many more.

April 24/1982. One of the wort fight we ever got in started at Verona beach. the day of the fight we went to the beach to have some fun and to get our minds off the dreading Capulet's. we went to go get a drink at the bar. I had this gut feeling something big was going to happen, it was a sickening feeling growing. while we were talking at the bar i herd a familiar voice... Tybalt. Tybalt and his Capulet's gang came up to us. I knew I had to stay out of this one. my good friend Mercutio said some funny, harmless comments to Tybalt, we didn't try to start a quarrel. all Tybalt was asking for was romeo. I knew right when he said where is romeo I knew something was about to go down. I said he inst here. then Tybalt said I need to set something strait with him. then suddenly out came romeo, the worst timing possible for him to come. Tybalt stormed to him romeo dint know what was going on. I looked up the sky's turning gray, thunder was growing. then i knew we have to settle this. all the people of Verona left because of he storm approaching, us Montague's on one side and the Capulet's on the other. Tybalt stepped up and said romeo I need to get you back for coming to the party that you weren't invited to. romeo didn't reply. Tybalt then sad come forth and lets have a duel. then out of no where romeo walks up to Tybalt and gets on his knees and sad I cant hurt my fellow brother. I didn't understand, why did he say that. then Tybalt was also confused and wanted to fight romeo. Tybalt started kicking and punching romeo and romeo didn't fight back. all us Montague's then had to do something about this. then Mercutio started to fight. all of us Montague's started to fight . Mercutio and I followed Tybalt and we saw that he was about to kill romeo. we both went but Mercutio was faster than me and got there first and jumped on Tybalt and punching him. Tybalt threw Tybalt to the ground but when Mercutio went to romeo Tybalt came up with a piece of glass and went for Mercutio. romeo sprang up to hold them back instead of hurting Tybalt. Mercutio went up and seemed victorious to me. suddenly I saw him holding his stomach. I asked him if he was alright and he said it was just a scratch. then he started walking to the water and then jogging and then running from romeo and the others and started screaming a plague on both your houses. then he fell, the rain started falling the lightning and thunder went wild and romeo to the ground weeping. romeo screamed and started running after Tybolt I didn't see the rest but I heard that romeo killed Tybalt. that is worst fight us Montague's have ever had, and that shows how bad it is the have sworn enemies because nothing will be the same.

May 3/1982. What if you do have a sworn-enemy, how should you deal with it. the way us Montague's deal with the Capulet's was not the right way to deal with that situation. if i had a chance to do the right thing i would try to stay away from them and try not to get into quarrels. if your enemy doesn't do the same try to say something nice to them. if the get physical try to tell an older person or a person of authority. your enemy will see that you don't want to get into any problems and start stopping to get into quarrels with you. that is my advice to you, comment here on how you solved your problem with a enemy or a bully and maybe it will give other people advice on how to deal with there problem.

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