Happiness Brings A Smile By: Ailish Kilbride

Happiness. Adjective. A state of well being and contentment. The dictionary definition. People in every corner of the world are able to find this state of contentment in one thing or another. Whether you have to look a little harder to find it, or it’s sitting on your doorstep, happiness is found everywhere.

For Finn Kilbride, a senior at Community High School (CHS), happiness is found when everyone around him is happy.

“What makes me happy is seeing the people I love most happy,” Kilbride said. “Happiness is a contagious emotion. It hurts [me] to see the people around me sad, lonely, depressed or whatever they may be feeling in that moment. If I can help cheer them up in any way possible, that is what brings me true joy.”

Some of us find joy in hobbies and activities going on around us that can help us reach goals that we set for ourselves.

Ellie Fife, CHS freshman, is ready to take soccer to the next level and hopes that soccer will continue to carry her on the path to her dreams.

Ellie Fife gets ready to kick the soccer ball across midfield in St. Louis, Missouri.

“Soccer makes me happy because it’s a great way to stay active and be in a competitive environment,” Fife said. “Soccer also makes me happy because it will help me achieve my dream of becoming a Division I athlete.”

Many people thrive off of being around friends and basking in the energy that is created by those special to us.

For Reagan Masek, a CHS freshman, spending time with her friends makes her the happiest.

“My friends have such positive energy and can make anything fun,” Masek said. “We always have a great time together and we have been through so much. We all met around age seven, and I don’t know what I would do without them.”

Reagan Masek (Middle Left) stands with her friends at a gathering in Ann Arbor, MI.

Hannah Margolis, a CHS sophomore, finds a state of contentment through nature. Margolis finds that the body's natural mood enhancer is being in a world outside of the walls of her home. For her, breathing the fresh air of the outdoors sparks a neurotransmitter that improves her mood.

“[Nature] gives me an escape as well as a serotonin boost,” Margolis said.

Hannah Margolis stands in the woods eating a donut.

There are many similarities in what makes people happy, but everyone has different aspects of their lives that lead them to shed a smile, let out a laugh or be over joyed with excitement.