The Great Depression and civial rights movement To start the great depression

Stock was everywhere because curncsey was useless. This hurt us do to other countries still running having under the effect they had resources we didn't .

Jobs was being lost at the same time do to no one having money to pay. Making many people have no way of getting money to pay bills.
Social security was brought around helping welfare businesses. Making a lot of of dreads easier to pay off such as deaths.
During this time the union was growing. Bringing the community together and making it stronger.
People were forced to give up everything. Sometimes even giving up children for money but also cause they couldn't feed them.
The civil rights movement
Martin Luther King jr a adopter of rights for blacks. This man made speeches and as a well kown name put eyes on how his people were being treated.
People of this race had to make an effort to be seen. Even if it was just not moving out of a bus seat like rosa parks.
At this time in history they may not of called them property but calling them colored had them treated badly. They would get started by around anyone even police as sending there dogs out to attack them.
When they first began to merge schools blacks were outcast and only thought as a test that whites could fail blacks. They protested yelling names and unenrolling there students in school.
Protest after protest and all his speeches soon formed to get to people. Leading to this mans death and the beginning of the end of the civil rights movement.

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