The Epic hero By: Syria Gonzales

The superhero I chose was Batman because Odysseus and Batman have a lot in common. They both don't have actual superpowers just knowledge, strength, and courage. Odysseus is smart because he was smart enough to fool the giant and well he's still alive so he obviously has a lot of common sense because none of his men survived. Over the years Odysseus went through ALOT so he has to be really muscular and healthy because of all the obstacles he faced. Odysseus has a lot of courage because after that encounter with the giant he's still alright.

Batman is very similar to Odysseus because, Batman has outsmarted joker multiple times and he's a billionaire . Batman is very fit because in the movies it always shows him working out and you can tell by his body structure . He has a lot of courage because he goes against joker a crazy maniac because he can stop being Batman anytime but he doesn't . He also has a lot of guts for moving on with his life when he witnessed his parents murder.

Batman and Odysseus have a lot in common they are both superheroes but mortal. They both go home to a loving and caring person they basically both were disguised. Both physically fit, a skilled warrior, rich, and born into a high society. Spend long periods of time away from home and won't stop till they've finished what needs to be done.

Most epic heroes today don't kill everyone they fight till someone's unconscious and it's usually the same villain, different obstacles, or people. No, I don't believe that epic heroes played the same role in Ancient Greece because they would just kill them until everyone was dead there was big humongous Cyclopes which don't really compare to what villains there are in today's society. When fighting modern day superheroes try finding a solution to the problem and in Ancient Greece it was just battling non stop.

In, conclusion to be a superhero you don't have to have superpowers be a mutant or have invisibility even though that would be pretty cool but the heroes we have do save lives everyday and try the best they can do . Some superheroes are in disguise just like the images show all those job and even more consist of helping someone out or saving a life or helping bring a new life into this world.

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