Taking a Look at Russia By: Catherine hernandez

In Case you were wondering about Russia, I have a few facts for you.


  • Russia has experienced changes since the fall of the soviet union.
  • They changed the tax system, Putin closed TV networks that were unfriendly to his government.
  • Most of Russia's people live in Western Russia due to the climate.
  • Moscow and St. Petersburg have better climate, more than half of Siberians live in different cities and towns in their region..
  • Most people in Moscow and St. Petersburg, because it is the educational and scientific capital.

Here's a story

A boy named Rene went to visit some family in Russia, His thoughts about this trip were that, "it was going to be a waste of time" and he had no reason to go. His parents thought it would be a good idea for him to see family. As he flew over the town of Siberia he realized how cold it was, from his view he saw the Ural Mountains. He was starting to second guess this trip. The day passed on he wanted to know more about their culture and how they live. First he did some research and found their religion. He saw that their religion is Christian Orthodox, He also found that they go to a Christian Orthodox church. He also found that Moscow and Siberia are important places in Russia. Their president is Vladimir Putin. He also found that one of the largest rail road is the Trans-Siberian Rail Road. He told his parent that he actually had a really good time in Russia that he looks forward to going back to Russia. He said he learned so much about their culture, life, food and arts.

Created By
catherine hernandez


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