5 Pup-tastical firsts for your pup! 5 great Puppy tips to GUARANTEE to start mom and dad off on the right paw!

Hey Dog, Are you buddy friendly?

As a doggy parent, we become best friends with our four legged furry creature, now that has become an every day part of our lives. Meet Zoey, she stole my heart the moment she and I locked eyes. I have had dogs before, but I never knew how important training was for the owner and the dog was until I went to training with Zoey. After we finished training at Petsmart in Savannah, GA, I realized the only way to be the world's greatest owner was to become Zoey's life long trainer! But I needed to start somewhere! So we started at www.petsmart.com by pricing training. Training was an investment I will never regret. Zoey and I bonded and became an inseparable pair ever since.

Seriously, Zoey is photogenic.

Can you grab your leash and harness, Please?

Leash Walking is extremely important.

1. Leash Training:

The first thing you do when you get your new puppy is you may want to hold that baby. In reality, you grab a cute collar and leash and try to walk out of the shelter or where ever you might have gotten your new best friend. Wait, walk... DOG BRAIN why is my new human dragging me by my neck. Ouch, no this hurts, our new puppy thinks. Here comes our fight, our new puppy either wants to run away or tug away from this new found leash and collar. How will we ever get them to walk on a leash! According to http://www.happyhoundsk9training.com/ they say having a strong bond between a pup and the owner all starts with training. And we at the Nash Doggy Lounge believe that starts with leash training.

Well how do one start with leash training? Grab your pup, their collar, the leash and their favorite chewy treat and let's get started!

  1. Go ahead and put the collar and leash on the pup.
  2. Put a treat in your left hand and let your pup smell the treat.
  3. While giving the command walk, move forward with the dog on your left side and the treat in your left hand. Ensuring the dog can still sense the treat.
  4. If the dog starts to wonder to far ahead, pull gently back on leash.
  5. If the dog does not response, pull the dog back gently and walk in a circle and walk toward the other way a few steps. This confuses the dog and will make the dog walk beside you.
  6. Once you and your pup has successfully finished the walk, give your proud pup the treat and lots of love.
  7. Practice makes perfect! Keep walking your pup.

Take a watch on how Zak walks his puppy!

What is really healthy for my dog? Can they eat that?

Training young or old keeps the mind active and the spirit young

2. Eating Healthy

Did you know your pup has necessary vitamins just like us for their skin, ears, eyes, and body to amazing? That's right according to Blue Buffalo, pups need DHA which the fatty omega 3's necessary for tons of stuff like brain growth, bone density growth, shiny fur and healthy skin. bluebuffalo.com What is DHA? It is the Omega 3 vitamin found in cold water fish like salmon, tuna, and cod liver.

What can you skip out in your pup's menu? CORN MEAL!!! That stuff makes them itch, have anal gland issues and so much more. Corn Meal and corn gluten just do not mix with your pup. Check out what Rover says about corn meal and your pup too! Also, every dog owner should download this image and put it on the fridge to what is good and bad for your best friend.




Find the Perfect love toy!


DOG:: "I love my new toy"

Be ready for toys, toys, and the fluff every where. Like toddlers, dogs do not know how to pick up the toys, so you Mom and Dad will spend time picking up those toys! But finding the perfect toys for your pup can be tough. Does your pup de-fluff the toy just to dig out that squeezer and bored? OR does your pup chew up the toy the moment you give it to them?

Finding the perfect toy is essential to having a happy puppy to continue to head back to the toy box and not your shoes or your walls! Check out BarkBox. They replace their toys in the box if they are destroyed within 7 days of receiving them and they have a destroyer box. You can also subscribe to a monthly box delivered to your pup and they can have a monthly supply of treats, toys and a community of friends, doggy and dog parents alike.


4. Potty Training like a BOSS

We like to say potty training is easy. Then again, the stains on our rugs would say we were lying. So puppy potty training, MHMM, this takes time, patience, consistency, and a caring Mommy and Daddy. Remember you are your puppy's super hero and you save the world. Accidents happen, when they happen two ways to react, like a villian or like a super hero. Be a super hero. Lets break it down!

  1. Put their leash on and start your walk!
  2. Let them sniff! Take their time. For them, sniffing is like reading the comics on the potty.
  3. Here is where you put on that magically cape and pull out those yummy treats.
  4. Once your puppy does their business, you give them a yummy treat. Our favorite is Blue Buffalo Salmon soft treats from Chewy.

Chewy.com is amazing. We love to order all of our goodies from there. We use autoship to save money and know when it comes to our home. You can check out the site and let us know what you think!


A great doggy daycare

5. Pick a great doggy daycare

The best thing said you can do for your pup is to socialize them with other pups! That is no lie! We here at the Nash doggy lounge are always enjoying the pups. Picking a doggy daycare can be tough and hard. Just like a child, Mom and Dad want the best doggy daycare for their pup! At the Nash Doggy Lounge, we offer all the above! Nap time, training, play time, cuddle time, socialization with good pups and tons of treats and love! We offer in home, fenced in yard and a safe place for pups to play.

You can check out our website at www.thenashdoggylounge.com

We would love to see how you like our blog! Did you find it useful? How did your pup like the trainings? How about the bark boxes? Be sure to leave a comment below! Check out our next blog really soon!

Love Casey Nash and Zoey
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