Fall Concert

During the concert, Orchestra performed three songs: "Sinfonia", from Symphony for Strings No. 1 by Jeffery Bishop, "Amadeus!" by Amadeus Mozart, arranged by Jamin Hoffman and "City of Steel" by Doug Spata.

Juniors Dawson Rooney and Ryan Will participate in Orchestra, Full Cord Press and Chamber Singers.

"The hardest Orchestra piece for me to preform was 'Amedeus!'," senior Rachelle Lumpkins said. "There was a lot of tuning and you had to be on the correct note at all times."

Orchestra performs "Sinfonia" from Symphony for Strings No. 1 by Jeffery Bishop.

Freshman Nathan Leiker participates in Full Cord Press and Concert Choir. Full Cord Press is an all boys group directed by Johnny Matlock and assisted by Max Befort.

Full Cord Press performed three songs during the concert: "Barbara Ann" by the beach boys, "Pirate Song" by Tim Jones and "Lydia, The Tattooed Lady" arranged by Jay Althouse.

Alumnus Max Befort is a former member of Full Cord Press and serves as an assistant director. He conducted "Barbara Ann" for the boys during the concert.

Sophomore Cade Swayne had a solo during "Pirate Song".

"I enjoyed the entire concert," Swayne said. "I had a great time talking and hangout out with everyone throughout the concert."

"Full Cord Press is one of my favorite groups to watch," senior Kristen Nease said. "I just think all of the boys are so cute."

Senior Maddie Crees agrees.

"They're absolutely adorable," Crees said. "They're my favorite part of every single concert. I wish I was a boy so I could be in the group."

Chamber Singers performed "Flight Song" by Kim Arnesen, "MLK" arranged by Bob Chilcott and "Fields of Gold" arranged by Greg Jasperse.

"My favorite piece to perform was MLK," junior Erin Murihead said. "I have been singing for as long as I can remember, it has always been a part of my life."

Junior Kayla Satomi has been involved with music since her 4th grade year.

"I most enjoyed listening to all of the other groups," Satomi said.

The Chamber Singers perform "Fields of Gold" arranged by Greg Jasperse.

Concert Choir performed "Cantate Domino" by David Brunner and "Give Me Your Stars to Hold" by Richard Waters.

After performing their two songs, Concert Choir joined up with Chorale to sing "Miserere Nobis" by Julie Wheeler.

"Music is my life," junior Emily Ricke said. "I sing at church, school, home, in my car and pretty much anywhere else I can. Music means a lot to me and knowing that I got to share my happiness with people at the concert makes me very happy."

Chamber Singers closed the concert with their performance of "Sing" arranged by Mark Brymer.

"Music to me means you can be yourself and express who you are as an individual," junior Taya Randle Said.

"Music makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger," junior Erin Murihead said.

Junior Kayla Satomi said she enjoyed being able to perform "Sing" for the concert.

"When the crowd enjoys a piece, singing it is so much more rewarding,"

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