Introduction & Foreshadow

The Divine is one of the most amazing plays I have ever seen. And it is the first time I watch a play in UF and also in America. More importantly, it is a play that presented in English and in an unfamiliar place, so I tried to pay full attention in each and every seconds of the play. As the blue sky slowly dimmed, I know that the play would start soon and I cannot wait.

Spatial Experience

When I set foot in the theater and embrace the atmosphere around it, I was shocked by the beautiful and smooth light, the alive "snowing" scene and a large number of audiences. I came to the play with a couple of my friend and all of us sat on the right side and almost on the back. So we are able to view the play in a wider angle compare to the audience sitting in the front. The Constans Theater is smaller and more concentrated compared to the one where I watched a play in Si Chuan when I traveled. So the space between the stage and audience is small. As a result, audiences are able to have a better feeling of the play and get deeper communication with the actors. When the light dimmed, I felt that something must be taken place on the stage soon. The divine feeling started to diffuse in the entire theater. When the audiences became quiet, I feel more concentrated and waited what will happen. To me, the size of the auditorium allowed me to sit with my friends and other students in UF and to enjoy the play together. That place is important in the Good Life for that it provided a connection between students and the amazing play--The Divine

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Social Experience

I attended the play with four of my friends. In order to be well prepared, I and Yinjie, one of my friends, had a delicious dinner together before the play. Both of us dressed up comfortably and nicely. After that, we walk to the gate of the Reitz Union and waited for our other friends. Inside the Reitz Union, we met Zhaowen, who dress neatly that day. After we entering the auditorium and find a seat. Zhuoyu and Feiyi, another two of my friends, arrived and sat next to us one after another. All of us sat with an introduction to the play. We discussed the structure and the arrangement of the auditorium and me expressed my excitement before the play started. After that, in order to get a better understanding of what will be going on on the play, we started to read the introduction. After reading, we discussed it and switched ideas and perspective for a while. Great communication made me greatly prepared for the upcoming show. The role of shared experiences in the Good Life let us know sharing with friends is wonderful and cheerful and everyone can benefit.

The group photo behind contain three of my friends--Yinjie, Zhuoyu and Feiyi.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The story presented by the play happened in December 1905 in Quebec City. In that city, individuals were constantly smothered and suppressed physically and mentally. Before entering the performance, I know a little bit about the subject matter. I came from China, a big muti-cultural community, realized that some Chinese aristocrats, such as Yucai and Shuren, and their stories are similar to Michaud's. As the play going on, each character presented their respective characteristics. Leo, Michaud, and Sarah stood out togehter and point out what is the truth of life at that time. In one scene of the play, the boss was stepping on a woman's hand and the woman feels pain and bears humiliation. What's more, the boss only cared about the product efficiency of the factory. All of the women suffer from great pain physically and mentally. The only sentence that they can reply to the boss is "I feel happy when I work here". At that moment. Bernhardt stood out and encouraged people to resist. Bernhardt's experience gives me a new view on the subject matter. I used to a conformist. Since I know the story of Sarah, I started to selectively resist the old rule and try to update and refresh myself. Old thought from my grandparents and parents are useful, but they are not useful all the time. Everyone should look and move forward. As a result, I decided to forget some of the old ideas and accept the new one.

Found on "" 5th Feb, 2017

Emotional Experience

Katharsis, a Greek word for the process of "coming clean", is well presented in the play. During the play, Sarah demonstrated her pursuit of artistry. What comes to my mind immediately is need I always accept everything in my life? After I watched the performance, I got the answer, which is definitely no. Why? As I mentioned before, Everyone should have their own pursuit. Our parents are similar to the boss of the factory, and we are either Sarah or the deprived factory worker. For me, I need to choose myself. My parents are sometimes right and also sometimes wrong. All I need to do is to build up my own perspectives and pursue what I truly want in my heart. So I choose to become Sarah, who had own thought and pursuit. Sarah's leading rebellions point out the realm of lives, which make me better realize what should I pursue and how should I live in my own lives.

Found on "" 5th Feb, 2017

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