Invention reflection

This is our board. We worked very hard at completing it. It was the most complicated thing we did. This the center for all of the engineering and design proscess stuff. We had to go back to the drawing board many a time. I learned that the engineering and design proscess is a cycle. Once your done, just start over.

This is me. Ethan Cooper. I made the spark page and helped with the board. I learned some things about myself. I learned that the gym has 0 air conditioning and that I am a pretty ok baby marketer.

This is my group. Finn, the one in the blue, made most of the board. Aidan, the one with the black hair, made the prototype. Next time I would not use such strong magnets and no procrastination!!!!!

This is the prototype. It broke because the magnets were too strong and the iron filings wanted to give the magnet a BIG hug. It didn't work so well. Thanks for gliding!

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