Adolf Hitler By: Aaron Spencer


The future leader of Germany was born in Austria, on April 20, 1889. He would be influenced as a young boy by German nationalism, and it would make him the man he grew up to be. After his moms death, Hitler moved to Vienna to work in art. When the war broke out between the Allies and the Central powers, Hitler enlisted for the Germans. The war had changed Hitler, and infuriated him when he found out that Germany had surrendered. Hitler began to attend beer-hall meetings, and started his rise to power. A failed coup caused Hitler to be thrown in prison, where he wrote "My Struggle". Hitler ran against Paul Hindenburg, and was made chancellor of Germany.

Hitler soon had Germany completely under his control, and started to take land. He kept expanding, and the League of Nations did nothing, until he invaded Poland, then another war began. Hitler had his eyes on complete world domination, he even had France under his control, and almost would have been able to take France. Then he made the worst mistake, he invaded Russia. His army had been majorly weakened at the battle of Stalingrad. Then his world started to be torn down. Russia pushed in through Germany. It was over, Hitler and his wife committed suicide.

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