United Arab Emirates By.lucas trautman

United Arab Emirates is in the northern eastern hemisphere of Asia.

It is surround by the Persian Gulf and some of Gulf Oman,Strait of Hormuz. Countries are Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The capital city of United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. It's coordinates are 35 degrees North and 55 degrees East.

The UAE is the temperate zone and the temperate zone is that you have four season

Al Hajar Mountain range is up to 50-100km in the Eastern Arabian Peninsula.
U.A.E. has big cities and sand dunes.
U.A.E. ranks 93 in the list of countries by population with 9,374,490 people, which is equal to 13% of the worlds. The growth rate is 2.47% and number 23 compared to the world. With fertility rate at 2.33 per women.
The five largest cities are Dubai, Sharjan, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Abu Jhab, and Ajaman, Ujman. The country is most urban population with 85%. 1.4 million are citizens and 7.8 are immigrants. Which is about 85% immigrants.

United Arab Emirates is one of the most developed in the region. They discovered petroleum in the 1950s and it is now their main economic resource. United Arab Emirates has also had growth in trade, investments, and political/economic equality. 25% of the worlds largest corporation headquarters there. Because the people are happy they live longer with a life expectancy of 77.5 years.

United Arab Emirates are known for their tall buildings. The Burji Khalita is the worlds tallest building.

Horse racing is one of their oldest and most popular sports.

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