Hermione Granger's Wand DIY Carving Project

I chose Hermione Granger as my character for my literature based carving project because I love her courageousness and selflessness . Hermione carry's a wand I know this because in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerers Stone when Harry and Ron first meet Hermione and they have all of their supplies from Flourish and Blotts it says " she carried a 10 3/4 in. vine wood , dragon heart string core wand" . It interests me because she was on of the few people that carried a dragon heart string core.

Harry , Ron, and Hermione

There are no special meanings or symbols , but it does have a special creator . I found on a website called www.harrypotter.wikia.com that Garrick Ollivander a wand manufacturer in the wizarding world made Hermione's wand . Although he made lots of wands, he made few special wands that harnessed lots of power . Two people in the wizarding world that you may know who had these wands are Harry Potter and He Who Must Not Be Named .

This is Ollivander

Hermione has vine wood as her wood for her wand, this is a great choice of wand from Olivander to Hermione . I love Hermione Granger and she is so brave and inspiring ,I wish I could be as brave and courageous as her . She is a great sidekick to Harry and no doubt about it Harry Potter is the most beloved character of all time but no one can forget about his daring sidekick Hermione Jean Granger .

The Steps To The Wand

Step 1 : Pick your wood I used vinewood to resemble Hermione Grangers Wand better .

Step 2: Take the bark off . Taking the bark off will give you a nicer , and light inside to reveal the true color. And it also it gives a smoother stick

Step 3 :Start Carving ! There are many cuts you can make such as the V cut and the pairing cut . But i'm using the saw in a spiral motion to achieve a section for the vine to go in . The easiest way to achieve the spiral is to saw it in a spiral motion .

At the end you can see the indention

Step 4: Create your handle . Use your knife in a side to side motion to make and indention, then use a saw to make the indention and then continue doing this in a spiral motion to achieve the place for the vine to go in .Then proceed until you get what you want it to look like .

Step 5 : Round your edges of the spiral . To do this you take the edges of the spiral and cut at an angle on the outside .

Step 6 : Sand your wand to achieve a beautifully achieved wand .

Step 7: Add Stain I used mahogany , and then do a glossy coat .


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