Revolutions in Technology By: taylor

Past: The Industrial Revolution


One cause for the industrial revolution was a population boom, having more food led to healthier people and a declining death rate.

Another reason for the cause of the industrial revolution would be new resources became available to them. Such as iron and coal, used for steam engines, machines and railroads.


Also increased labor helped to the cause the industrial revolution. Since they had a population boom that led to more people, more workers, and also child labor.

Technological Developments

The steam train was invented in 1712 , and reconstructed many times over the years making it more reliable. It helped people get around, and transported goods in a more efficient way.

The first steamboat was invented in 1787 by john finch, but the first successful steam boat was built by Robert Fulton with help of Robert Livingston. Making travelling and transporting good over water easier.

New machines for cotton production made sewing easier and more efficient, like the invention of the Spinning Jenny.

The Flying Shuttie

And The Water-Frame

Positive Effects on Society

-less deaths, healthier people, new ways to transport, and new ways to get goods around.

Negative effects oN SocIety

-child labor, forced farmers out of their homes, factory/mills were a huge danger to the people working in them.

Present: The Digital Revolution


One cause for the Digital Revolution was the invention of the internet. Making it not only a military resource it became a resource available to the public.

Another reason for the digital revolution would be because of the invention of the digital computer, invented by John Vincent Atanasoff.

Technological Developments of the Digital Revolution

The first mobile phone was invented in 1973, making communication and keeping in touch with people easier.

In 1957 the first satellite was made, later on reconstructed into being able to take amazing pictures and go further into space.

In 1994 The First Satellite Digital Television Service Launched

Making popular television shows

Positive effects of the digital revolution

-it created tv, dvds, movies theaters, cameras, cell phones,and made it possible for us to see all of the digital movies and hear music from our favorite artists and also discover our favorite actors and artists and musical artists.

Negative effects of the digital revolution

-a lot of things are online now like job applications making it hard for people who don't know how to use the internet very well, this digital revolution makes It really all about the internet and doing stuff electronically, and it can be used in a negative way like bullying or spreading hate.

Future: The Scientific Revolution


Curiosity would be a cause to future scientific revolutions. Asking a question in how to make something better or how to invent something to help in our lives and new knowledge.

We now have better resources available to us to make these new scientific technologies. We have better communication resources such as computers, phones, websites etc. to link up with other people and actually create our inventions.

We also have new people that come up with new scientific technology that helps us go further into our digital revolution. Making new computers, softwares, websites, phones, space technology, cameras etc.

Technological Developments of the future of the Scientific revolution

Making a Digital Biological Converter that could search for, finding, and emailing biology, like DNA from mars so scientists can study extraterrestrial life up close without having to go to mars itself.

Researchers are trying to design and find a way to operate wave energy with digital technologies. Using the power and movement of earths natural waves to help power a lot of things.

Scientists are working to create an invisibility cloak like in Harry Potter, using a device that makes electromagnetic waves not scatter.

Positive effects of the future of the ScienTific revolution

-new inventions helping us gather more knowledge than before, discovering new things to better our society, possibly helping create something that could save people's life and inventions that could better our ecosystem.

Negative effects of the future of the ScientIfic revolution

-it could potentionally rule our world more than it does and not everyone can afford access to new didgital technology such as computers and cellphones, new inventions and jobs use a lot more digital technology, could lead to all the world just being technology.

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