Intro into Art 2016-2017 Clara Keating

I took Intro into Art because I loved to draw and it made me relaxed when I was stressed, but I mostly just wanted to strengthen my skills so I could develop my love for art into something more

First Semester

1st picture (top left)-Edges and Contours, 2nd picture (top right)-Space, 3rd picture (bottom left)- Relations and Proportions, 4th picture (bottom right)- Light and Shadows. I think that the 4th shows that I learned the most from Lights and Shadows because it made my art work look realistic and it shows the most improvement.

Drawing Strategies

I think my art this year has improved in its realism (as shown through the portraits) and through my shading with shadows (as shown in the hand drawings). Towards the end of this semester, I also showed improvement with blending colors and using texture in my painting (bottom right).
In my vase project, I added light especially where the highlight was, emphasizing the light and darkness in my work. Chiaroscuro is a term that means contrast of light and dark to give the illusion of space and I think in this piece, I used this very well on my smallest object making it look round and look like and actual chalice.

Portrait Drawing

I think i've had the most improvement in not only making things look non-stereotypical, but also in shading and understanding Chiaroscuro. This allowed my eyes and nose especially to look more realistic and 3 dimensional in my artwork.

Closing Information

I wish I could've had more time on the charcoal hand piece because I would've taken more time to make my fingers more realistic and not "stereotypical" shaped. On my portrait, I would've used more time to blend my shading to make my face less "choppy" and I also would've focused more on my facial features to make the art work look more like me in real life.
This piece of my work shows my most improvement in my technical skills. I feel I did well on blending the charcoal to make my art flow in a way that's realistic.
I think this piece of my work shows my most improvement in my attitude towards believing that I can be artistic because this was the first drawing in art that I really realized that I was improving and it look somewhat realistic. I think at this point I really tried to exceed the expectations and believing that I could definitely contributed to my improvement.

Second Semester

The project that I really learned the most from out of this semester was the Janet Fish chalk pastel piece (bottom right) because with this, I learned how to blend and mix colors properly and all the elements, like the white for highlight and dark brown or black for the shadows, in order to get a 3D effect. I felt like I was able to make the objects more realistic and seem like they pop out of the page.
From the color theory, I learned when blending colors, it's a lot easier and looks nicer when you blend analogous colors together. I found this out when making my oil pastel piece (left) because when I mixed a pinkish color with a red, it looked better and mixed a lot easier then when I tried to mix a yellow and a purple. Also, the analogous colors mixed really well in my watercolor piece (right). It seemed to just flow into one another and gave my artwork a flowy, underwater feeling.
On technique I thought I got the idea of and really felt comfortable with was watercolor (left) because I felt it was easy and cool to see of the water made the colors blend together so well and it made it a lot easier when mixing in other colors too. I was not too good with the techniques of oil pastel (right) because I got very frustrated and upset when the colors did not blend the way I wanted them too and I got a solid line instead of a soft gradation. Also, it smeared all over the place and it was extremely hard to fix for me.

Looking at the full year

Looking at the whole year, K feel like I have really grown into an artist through my creativity especially in second semester when we used more color and I felt like I could express myself through my art more. I have also improved greatly with my technical skills like being able to blend colors together without getting that solid line and I have learned how to use more mediums correctly like oil and chalk pastel. I really liked learning about to layer blending and what effect it gives from using different mediums.
Through out this year, I have discovered that being an artist, you have to be creative and be unique. My whole art career before taking this class was trying to be like everyone else and copy what they do with their style. In this class, I learned that to be a good and liked artist, you have to put your own creative touch and uniqueness in your work and that's what I have been doing. I havn't looked at anyone else and just focused in me and that's when I discovered that if you are yourself in your artwork and put your own little touch on it, you will be more successful in your art career.
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