Pasture Valley Newsletter March - April 2018

Psalm 8: 1 “O Lord, Our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set Your glory above the heavens. “

The last newsletter was written from Swaziland and today I greet you from the Kingdom of eSwatini. Yes, our country has had a name change-not something that happens often!

School Break Activities

Holidays are always a busy yet fun time for the children. We try to incorporate as many activities of sport, education and learning as possible in the time we have. The boys were able to go on a boy’s camp near the Mkhonto river and went on a hike. The girls also had a day trip out too. After a devotion time, the girls went swimming and cooked meat on a fire. The kids have also played volleyball on their new court (which they love!) A big thank you to those who sponsored the court for us! The kids have also had a spelling Bee competition and some children went on a picnic to Etjedze area where there are beautiful rock formations and wonderful views of the river. We truly live in a beautiful country!

The children have also started with carpentry lessons with Uncle Harry today to make picnic tables for each home. Other children will be sewing and making crafts.

Birthdays are always a happy event and for 2 of these children it is the first time they have celebrated their birthdays at Pasture Valley. They loved opening up all their presents

We trust you all had a blessed Easter. As is tradition, after prayer and a church service, we hide Easter eggs in our garden and the children love finding them and, of course, love eating them too! The littler children made crosses on Easter Sunday.

At Galile Primary school we were able to hand out school clothes and shoes to the children on the Child Support Programme. While we were there the teachers asked us if we could assist with another 6 more children. One of the girls was extremely thin and the teachers had heard that things were not good at home. When we asked her when she had last had a meal she started to cry and told us that she and her younger siblings had last eaten a day ago. I was heartbroken to hear this and see the suffering of a child. She was given a food parcel for her family and we will continue to monitor them. Children from Edorpeni School have also come for assistance. Many of the children are orphans or have been abandoned by their parents.

An Orchestral Performance in our Town!

We were privileged to have the East Rand Youth Orchestra from South Africa visit us to do a performance in our town. We invited children from 5 children’s homes and care centres to come and enjoy the event. The conductor showed the children the instruments and even allowed 2 of our children to conduct the orchestra. We hope it will inspire many children to learn how to appreciate music and play an instrument. For many of the children, this was the first time they had ever seen an orchestra play and their mouths were literally hanging open! What a wonderful experience!

Educational Computers for the Children

A couple of years ago, who would have known that computers would be such an important tool in our lives- in our workplaces, in our schools, in our homes and in our hands? We are truly grateful to Vula Amehlo Trust and Dr David Tyers who donated 10 laptops to our children. They are using them as an educational tool and the older children will be able to take them with them when they leave Pasture Valley to pursue their careers.


In the last few months we have had some special people visit Pasture Valley. Uncle Mike came to help out for a few weeks and his timing could not have been better! Per and Berit from Norway and their family also visited and a team from the USA led by Pastor Rick and Kathrine Walker, were a real blessing to us. We love you all!


  • For protection of the children and staff at Pasture Valley.
  • For our teenagers to make Godly and correct choices in their lives and not be tempted things that will negatively influence their lives.
  • For Siyabonga and I as we travel to the USA on 6 May. We have received a scholarship to attend the CAFO (Christian Alliance for Orphans) conference in Texas and will be visiting with sponsors in Atlanta too.
  • For Michael, Lindani, Bongiwe, Menzi, Sandile, Taiwan and Siphelele to be good influences in their communities and to let their lights shine.
  • Thankfulness for the birth of Baby Jayden Mkhombe.
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