Chasing Lincoln's killer By: James swansoN

This event in history takes place on a Good Friday, in Washington during the 1800's.

John Wilkes Booth is an important character in this book because you go through his life and see things from his point of view in killing Abraham Lincoln instead of the news's.

Abraham Lincoln was going to a play where John Wilkes Booth acts at so he knows all about the area, and he had eight hours to prepare Lincoln's assasination. Booth wanted Lincoln dead because he wanted to revive the confederate cause. So, Booth shot Lincoln in the back of his head at a distance of 3-4 feet while he was watching the play, and Lincoln did not survive the shooting...

I learned many things that I didn't know from this novel! In 1864, Booth had planned to kidnap Lincoln, but his plan failed. He planned to kill the president, Vice President, and Secretary of State, but only succeeded with the presidents death. On the day of the assassination Booth told his mom he was taking all of their guns from Maryland to Washington. Booth was known for being a famous actor at the time. Booth left a horse outside of the theater to escape when he was finished with the murder. Booth had help on killing Lincoln, he did not do it alone. Union soldiers tracked him down and killed him.

I rate this book a 3/5 because it was not very entertaining to read a bunch of facts, it was more like a textbook than a story.



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