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The Dream

Stafford Hills Club began as a simple idea – that like-minded people wanted and needed a family-friendly place to gather to stay active, have fun and make new friends.

So local community leaders Jim and Marla Zupancic spent years listening to community members, personal trainers and club owners, as well as traveling across the globe to learn how to successfully build a great club community.

After years of due diligence they brought together an incredibly talented team of seasoned professionals to create a very special community – Stafford Hills Club. It is much more than a place of activity or even a club – it is a community of friends who enjoy participating together in an active, healthier way of living.

Pictured: Jim Zupancic, Evan Zupancic, Marla Zupancic

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Important Info

Employee Parking

Employee parking is in the West Parking Lot/Auxiliary Parking Lot. Use the West Entrance to enter the Club.

Pay Periods

Pay periods are as follows: 25th-8th paid out on the 15th and 9th-24th paid out on the last day of the month.

Employee Portal

  1. Login to our Employee Portal by clicking on "EMPLOYEE LOGIN" at the bottom of our website (www.staffordhills.com)
  2. Enter in the password: Stafford1!
  3. You will then find our employee newsletter, employee feedback form, facilities maintenance request & more.

Club Info

  • Address: 5916 SW Nyberg Lane Tualatin, OR 97062
  • Phone: 503-612-2400
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 5:30am-10pm Sat-Sun 6:30am-10pm
  • Club Holiday Closures: The Club has special hours on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve & New Years Day; The Club is CLOSED on Christmas Day. *Further communication will be sent before each holiday with more information.

5 Point Pledge

As classes, programs, training and techniques evolve, as technology and research improve, we are confident the principles upon which the Stafford Hills community is built will never change.

Our five-point pledge to our members and staff:

  1. SUPPORT: We will create an environment supportive of your success
  2. HONESTY: We will be honest in all our dealings
  3. CLEANLINESS: We will maintain a clean, orderly and safe facility
  4. RESPECT: We will treat every member and guest with respect and offer the highest quality friendly service
  5. IMPROVEMENT: We will strive for constant improvement, seeking ways to do our jobs better and more effectively, and will always conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with this pledge especially when it is difficult to do so.


We will create an environment supportive of your success.

  • We take a genuine interest in our members and teammates so that we know how to best support someone's goals & dreams.
  • We take the time to recognize and appreciate our members and teammates.
  • We only use encouraging and positive words to uplift and support. This isn't a place for gossip & drama.


We will be honest in all of our dealings.

  • We have honest and candid conversations and work as a team to solution seek.
  • We ask for help when we need it.
  • We're accountable and do what we say we're going to do.


We will maintain a clean, orderly & safe facility.

  • We maintain a tidy appearance and who up to work in our appropriate uniform.
  • We practice the 100ft Rule. Everything in a 100ft radius is your responsibility.
  • Whatever department you work in, it is everyone's job to help keep our club clean! That means picking up a piece of garbage on the floor, putting a dirty towel in the towel bin, helping our facilities team fold towels or take out garbage, etc.


We will treat members, guests & each other with respect and offer the highest quality, friendly service.

  • We actively practice the Golden Rule and treat people the way we'd want to be treated.
  • We have the highest regard for the feelings, wishes, rights & traditions of others.


We will strive for constant improvement, seeking ways to do our jobs better and more effectively.

  • We are always seeking excellence in all we do.
  • We support and encourage personal growth.
  • We're committed to communicating and coaching so that we all have the tools to succeed.

Speak up!

  • You have the right to respectfully “Challenge” any process, policy, or system.
  • You are responsible to work within existing processes and systems.
  • You have the right to make suggestions, voice concerns, share comments.
  • You are responsible to speak up when you see something that we should improve.

15/5 Rule

  • Acknowledge all members and guests within 15 feet with a smile
  • Engage with them a friendly hello or how are you at 5 feet

Our Service Strategy

  • Get it right the first time. And if we don't - REALLY get it right the second time. This is service recovery.
  • Everyday, we will offer a level of service that is above anyone else. We will endeavor to create memorable service experiences for our members on a daily basis.
  • We will actively search for ways to anticipate and accommodate the needs and wants of our fellow staff, members, and our community.


Member complaints are not aimed at you (even if they may sound as if they are). They are usually a result of the member experiencing something they were not expecting. Remember – however you may feel, it’s never personal! Members do not know you well enough for that. Generally, unhappy members just want to be heard. Using the simple five step LEARN model ensures that they are.

  1. Listen: Listen carefully to your member. Don’t interrupt or tell the customer to calm down, just let them get it off their chest.
  2. Empathize: Try to get an understanding of what this difficulty has caused for your member, repeat back, word for word, the last part of their sentence. Create empathy with “it sounds like…”
  3. Apologize: Apologize to the member, even if you feel that you have no part in the problem. “I’m sorry that you have experienced xyz…”. Do not attribute any responsibility to the member
  4. React: Decide what you will do to resolve the problem, and tell this to the member.
  5. Notify: Do not delay. Notify the appropriate manager.

Medallia Surveys

As an SHC team member you will hear "Medallia scores" a lot. No there is not a new Portland sports team named Medallia....Medallia is the name of the survey system at Stafford Hills Club that is sent out to all our members on a regular basis. This survey system helps us:

  • To see ourselves as the members do
  • To wire member feedback into our decision making
  • Drive Customer Experience Accountability
  • Innovate & Improve

How we are using the Medallia System:

  • Collect daily data & feedback directly from our members
  • Use the data to measure our member’s satisfaction
  • Receive ongoing feedback to assist us in policy & decision making (e.g. new showerheads, rowing machines, curtains to reduce glare on tennis courts)
  • Respond & communicate with every member who responds
  • Use the MAKE IT RIGHT program to address member concerns

Goals for every team member:

  • For every SHC team member to understand the impact they have on Member Experience & why we use the Medallia Survey System
  • For every SHC team member to feel empowered to positively impact member experience though a commitment to the 5-Point Pledge & the use of the MAKE IT RIGHT program

Make It Right

Leadership Team

Community is defined by its’ people, which is why we attract employees who share and support the same values as our members. With a passion for member service, our employees will do everything reasonably necessary to ensure every member thoroughly enjoys their Stafford Hills Club experience.

Our members are the heart and soul of our community, valuing relationships with one and another as well as our club employees, all working together to improve the Stafford Hills Club community.

Evan Zupancic, General Manager, COO
Alaina Jarrell, Aquatics & Group Fitness Director
Kelsey Hofmeister, Director of Business Services
Danielle Wheeler, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Jennifer Bond, Member Services Manager
Brian Dehen, Facilities & Member Services Supervisor
Francie Haffner, Manager of Family Programming
Nick Ruess, Director of Tennis
Tony Szymczak, Membership Director
Wendi Arant, Fitness Supervisor


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