Gold Standard. The everything joint supplement

"In 30 years of practice, Equithrive is the best product to be developed to maintain optimum performance and to provide therapy for musculoskeletal injury. It is an integral part of my equine sports medicine practice." - Dr. Scott Bennett, DVM

  • Clinically proven to support sound joints.
  • Clinically proven to promote healthy inflammatory response.
  • FEI, USEF and racing compliant.
  • Pelleted for easy feeding.
  • Made in Kentucky.

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The Total Package

Equithrive® Complete Joint Pellets contain Resverasyn®, our proprietary micro-encapsulated resveratrol product that is clinically proven to support healthy inflammatory response in horses. Complete Joint is also packed with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM for truly comprehensive joint and tissue support.

In short: this is the only joint supplement you need in the barn. Why waste time and money on unproven products?

Real Science, Real Results

★★★★★ "Switched over from the molasses powder and cosequin as this has everything in one. Its made such a difference with my 16 yo and really kept her in competition shape. Oh, and super easy to feed. Definitely recommend. Best oral joint sup out there." - Taylor S.

★★★★★ "I've been in horses for a very long time and have never seen a product work like this one." - Todd Marler, Marler Performance Horses

★★★★★ "While struggling with some mild arthritis in my 15 year old dressage mare, my vet recommended giving Equithrive a try. I'm super hesitant to start any supplement as a lot of equine ones just don't have the research to back the application. I was surprised to read the research on Equithrive and decided to give it a try, even though we were currently waiting to do a round of hock injections. In spite of this, I have noticed a difference in my mare's training; she's taking more weight behind than she had before and I'm certain it's due to her increased comfort level being on Equithrive." - Rachael M.

★★★★★ "I’ve been a loyal Equithrive user for almost 2 years and my 15yr old eventer has been free from joint injections thanks to this product. Thank you." - Kristin M.

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