1980 an 1984 Summer Olympic Boycott By OLIVIA BARRETT

Cause of 1980 Boycott

The cause of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Boycott was the Solviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan.

The in vision of Afghanistan took place in 1978. The Solviet Union sent about 75,000 soldiers to Afghanistan hoping to conquer large parts of the country, and they did. It was very easy at first. The hard part was coming. The hard part was after a few months. It was the people and there anger. The people were very rude, disruptive and against the invasion. This kept the Soviet Union from getting anywhere once they invaded. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter of the United States threatened the Soviet Union by saying if you do not stop invading Afghanistan by February 19, 1980 and go bak to Germany than when are going to not send goods to you any more, we will not by from you, and we will not participate in the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, Germany. Time went by and the Solviet Union was showing no signs of stopping so the United Stated did exactly what they said they would do and cut off all dies to the Soviet Union.

1980 Moscow Olympic Games

` During these games the UnitedStated was boycotting which mean they were protesting by not participating in the games.

The United States officially announced this on March 21, 1980. The United Stated decided to do this by having the Senate and the House of Representatives vote. In the House 386 people were in favor of the boycott and 12 people were against it; In the Senate 88 were for the boycott and 4 were against it. Once this was announced about 60 other nations joined like Japan, West Germany, China, and Canada; Other nations sent fewer athletes like Great Britain and France. This was the highest number of nations to ever boycott the olympics. When the government made the decision to boycott the athletes that have trained there whole life were unable to go. Most people thought that the boycott showed commitment to their country others felt bad for the athletes. Not only did this effect the athletes it affected the profits of corporate advisers and broadcasting power houses like NBC.

1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games

They 1984 olympic boycott was when the Soviet Union was angry with the United Stated for boycotting, so they boycotted.

These Olympics were held in Los Angeles, California. The Soviet Union said that the reasoning for the boycott was for the safety of their athletes in an "anti-communist" controlled area. 14 other nations joined this boycott and China returned for the first time in 32 years. The boycott was official on May 4, 1984. While the Soviet Union Boycotted the United States set a record for 83 gold metals.

The Olympics are more than just a game

“It is known from the very first days of preparations for the present Olympics the American administration has sought to set course at using the Games for its political aims. Chauvinistic sentiments and anti-Soviet hysteria are being whipped up in this country,” Soviet Union months before 1984 Olympic boycott.

Since the beginning of the olympics people have thought of it more of being the best nation than being the nation with the best athletes. From the 1950 to 1960 the Soviet Union was criticized be using the olympics for propaganda. The Olympics were also used for defectors to move from Soviet controlled areas. A Defector is a person that uses something to get away from normally a bad situation like going to the olympics and never leaving where the Olympics took place. For example: Marie Provaznikova was a woman who lived in Czechoslovakia and when the Soviet Union started to occupy where she lived she used the 1948 Summer olympics to move to the United States; Also the defectors will flee before the olympics so they don't have to go to Germany. For Example: In 1980 Many Afghanistan athletes feared Moscow, so they jumped ships to avoid it. 14 of these people fled to Pakistan and 5 fled to the United States.

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