Period 6 Green Team Go-Kart Natalie DuPlanti

Basic Body Research

In the beginning of our project, we planned out how our go-kart would look through thorough research and planning. Our first basic idea of our go-kart was this following picture. We liked the body and steering of this design, but overall decided that this was not enough research to plan out our go-kart.

Throttle Research

In order to more thoroughly investigate, we did more research. We discovered ways of powering our go-kart with the drill and how we would do so.

We decided that a gear and chain acceleration will work best. The chain will be from the bike we are using for our front tires.

First layout

We decided that we needed to get a good visual layout so we taped down blue tape on the shop bot plywood. We had brayden sit down, and we taped around him, in order to get more accurate measurements.

Concluded Design

We concluded that we would have ran into some problems with the triangle design. Since our steering is relying on nylon rope connected to our front axles and tires, we thought that we might have not been able to get the full range of motion we could get if we were to change our design. Therefore, we modified our design and laid it out on the whiteboard.


Moving onto braking, we were going to have our go kart brake similarly to a bike. In order to make that happen, we had to utilize the conceptions on the bike we brought in and take the brake off of the bike.


For steering, we decided to stick with the idea in the previous picture (in the research and planning for the body) and focus on front wheel steering. In order to do this, we had to have a dowel rod fit inside one of the front wheels, since the inside of them are not the same size. This allows the tires to connect and turn at the same time when they will be connected to the front axil. We would have nylon rope connected from the ends of the axles near the tires to the sides of the steering wheel. When we turn the steering wheel the nylon rope will pull the ends of the front axle, moving our go-kart.


For electronics, Lauren and I will make turn signals, a speaker, and horn using a buzzer.


For my onshape part, i made the steering wheel. The holes on the side of the steering wheel are for the nylon rope to go through when connected to the front axle. Designs and aesthetics will be added to the design later on.

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