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Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day!
Listen! ... the wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves. We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves! –Humbert Wolfe (1886–1940)
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A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer's wave goodbye ... Author Unknown


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Welcome New Statewide Extension Specialist: Miranda Ulmer, Viticulture Specialist!

Miranda Ulmer inspects grapes in the vines at the Colorado State University Extension Research Station located at 3070 B-1/2 Road. She joined the station as a viticulture specialist and has been in the Grand Valley since July 2019.

Miranda Ulmer started with Colorado State University Extension in mid-July and filled the newly created Viticulture Specialist position based out of our Orchard Mesa Research Station. CSU added this new position to help disseminate information about its viticulture research to Colorado growers and provide general educational resources. "Basically I'm here to help educate the growers and the end goal is to improve the quality of Colorado grapes," Ulmer said.

Miranda hit the ground running and was recently interviewed by a reporter with the Grand Junction Sentinel regarding her role with Extension. The full article is available HERE.

Welcome New Tri-River Area Extension Agent: Kelsi Seymour, General Ag and Ag Marketing!

Colorado State University Extension would like to welcome Kelsi Seymour to the staff as its new General Ag and Ag Marketing Extension Agent. Kelsi started with Colorado State University Extension in late July 2019. Seymour graduated from Texas Tech University in December of 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural communications and a minor in advertising.

She has gained experience with agricultural marketing and communications through positions with the American Gelbvieh Association, National Sorghum Producers and more. In her role as general ag and ag marketing extension agent, Seymour will deliver educational programming and resources to producers on the current and potential marketing channels they can use to market local crop and livestock commodities. She will also work in collaboration with other supporting agencies to enhance the economic viability of all Tri-River Area agricultural enterprises.

Although housed in the Montrose county extension office, Seymour’s support and responsibilities will cover the entire Tri-River Area. Kelsi says she's excited to join Extension and can be reached at 970-249-3935 or by email at kelsi.seymour@colostate.edu

Welcome New Tri-River Area Extension Support Staff: Andrew Reed, 4-H Administrative Assistant!

"I am more than excited to be serving in a position where I can give back to the community that has given myself and my family so much. It will be a pleasure to meet you all!"

"I have been a resident of Montrose for the last 9 years after growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah. Some of the activities I enjoy in my off time include reading, cooking, DJing, backpacking and working with computers. As a lifelong member of the Boy Scouts, I have seen firsthand how much both the interpersonal and leadership skills and the interests you develop in youth organizations can help grow the youth in our communities, and I am excited to bring that passion to my position here at Extension."

"My grandfather came to the valley in a covered wagon in the early 1900s, my parents were sweethearts at Montrose High School and my other grandfather built the KOA Campground and the adjacent laundromat (the one with the infamous twisty metal slide). I am more than excited to be serving in a position where I can give back to the community that has given myself and my family so much. It will be a pleasure to meet you all!"

Andrew started his new position at Extension right at the same time the Montrose County Fair was really heating up & taking off like a freight train! He jumped in wholeheartedly and we think he did an outstanding job. Please join us in welcoming Andrew as our new 4-H Admin Assistant in Montrose/Ouray counties!


Enter Our Seasonal Community Photo contest to win!

Send us your best FALL picture for a chance to WIN our "Dependable Landscape Trees" book

To submit your picture, please bring it in to your local Extension office or Email to: TRAextension@gmail.com

Submission Deadline: November 15, 2019

In your email, please include the following:

First and Last Name ~ County you live in ~ Phone number or Email ~ and remember to attach your BEST seasonal fall photograph!

Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower ... Albert Camus
This book goes into detail and describes all Colorado tree characteristics to help you make a good choice for picking a tree that you will love for years to come!
All at once, summer collapsed into fall ... Oscar Wilde

* Upcoming Events *



Get Ready....... Start planning now! 4-H enrollment for the 2019-2020 period will be open at 4honline.com (Colorado) HERE beginning on October 16th and continues until May 1st, 2020. IMPORTANT: RETURNING 4H'ers must re-enroll no later than February 3rd, 2020 to avoid a $10 late fee! Take a look at ALL the awesome 4-H projects you have to choose from HERE!

Contact your local 4-H Agent at your Extension office for more details!

  • Delta County: 970-874-2195 (4-H Agent: Jackie Shea)
  • Mesa County: 970-244-1834 (4-H Agent: Melissa Tabke)
  • Montrose/Ouray Counties: 970-249-3935 (4-H Agent: Brandon Creamer)




Sale begins on November 1, 2019

Winter is coming, but spring will follow closely behind, and with spring comes the desire to start planting. What better way to prepare for spring then by pre-ordering your seedling trees!

Once again, CSU Tri River Area Extension, in cooperation with the Colorado State Forest Service, will be taking orders for seedling trees used for conservation purposes beginning November 1, 2019. There is no acreage requirement to purchase the seedling trees in Mesa, Delta, Montrose, and Ouray Counties. The only requirement is that you cannot re-sell these plants and you have to use them for conservation purposes such as a wind screen, attracting wildlife, attracting pollinators and re-vegetation.

There are also perennials and grasses that attract pollinators for sale. The program offers several varieties of trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses which can be ordered beginning of November through mid-April. Delivery will be set for early May.

Seedlings can be ordered in several different sizes and quantities including bareroot, tubes, and potted. This is a statewide program, so order early as inventories will run out as the program progresses toward April.

For specific species questions contact:

  • For Montrose/Ouray counties, contact Colorado State Forest Service at (970) 249-9051 or CSU Extension's Horticulture Agent Susan Carter at 970-244-1834 or email Susan.Carter@colostate.edu
  • For Delta & Mesa counties, contact Colorado State Forest Service at (970) 248-7325 or CSU Extension's Horticulture Agent Susan Carter at 970-244-1834 or email Susan.Carter@colostate.edu


Pre-registration for ServSafe classes is required at least 30 days in advance to allow sufficient time for studying. Call Extension at 970-249-3935 to learn more and to get registered for a class -or- to purchase a ServSafe book for self-study and then schedule a proctored test with our extension agent Ann Duncan.


Extension Programs & Seasonal Topics ...

Food SAFETY & Health

Ann Duncan: Area Extension Agent - Family & Consumer Science

CSU Extension Family and Consumer Science (FCS) in the Tri-River Area provides research based knowledge in home economics, nutrition, food safety, preservation and much more. Ann Duncan is a registered dietician with a masters in science.


Summer’s bountiful harvest is here, so I have canning on the brain! Using proper equipment when you preserve is a key ingredient to achieving a product that is both safe to eat and high quality. For those new to canning, the prospect of new equipment can be overwhelming, but in many cases you can make do with items you already have. For experienced canners, now is a great time to check your equipment. Give us a call at 970-249-3935 if you would like your canning equipment safety-checked!

Boiling-Water Canner

A special canner isn’t needed for boiling-water canning; a large aluminum stockpot with a tight-fitting lid will do. The pot must be deep enough to accommodate a rack underneath your jars and at least 1 to 2 inches of boiling water above the jars. If you are using an electric stove the pot must have a flat bottom.

Pressure Canner

When pressure canning, use a dedicated stove top pressure canner with modern safety features. Dial gauges should be tested before first use, and annually thereafter for accuracy. (Contact your Extension office for on-site testing.) Don’t use an electric pressure cooker for pressure canning, even if there is a “canning” or “steam canning” function. We haven’t seen enough research to vouch for the safety of these methods, particularly with the considerations of preserving at high altitude.


A rack is essential for canning! Jars that sit directly on the bottom of the canner can crack. You can purchase a dedicated rack, or fashion one of your own making from canning rings or aluminum foil.


Mason jars are preferred to get the best results with the least breakage. Re-use jars as long as they are clean and free of chips and cracks.

Lids and Rings

We recommend two-part lid system including the ring and self-sealing lids. Self-sealing lids can only be used one time for processing. Use metal screw bands repeatedly, as long as they are not dented, deformed, or rusty.

Jar Lifter

A dedicated jar lifter, sized just right for grasping jars, makes moving jars in and out of boiling water much easier and safer.

Other Helpful Kitchen Tools Include

  • Wide-mouthed funnel
  • Ladle
  • Bubble freer, chopstick or plastic knife to remove air bubbles (do not use metal)
  • Ruler or plastic head space tool for accurately measuring head space

By: Kate Williamson-Kate Williamson is a Master Food Safety Advisor volunteer with Colorado State University Extension in Larimer Country


Food Safety Works Training

"Food Safety Works" is a course we offer for food service workers, that covers the basic requirements for safe food handling. We offer this class on an as-needed basis. To schedule a private group training for your business contact the Tri-River Area Extension office at 970-249-3935.

  • November 13, 2019 in Montrose ~ 8am - 5pm
  • January 7, 2020 in Grand Junction ~ 9am-6pm NOTE: Pre-Registration is required at least 30 days in advance of ServSafe classes. Call 970-249-3935 to register and obtain study manual.

What is ServSafe®? ... ServSafe® is a nationally recognized course developed by the National Restaurant Association as a comprehensive treatment of the subject of food safety.

Who should attend? ... Food Service Managers who are not currently certified by an accredited Food Safety Course. The Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations state that a manager needs to be on hand who has passed a certified food safety program.

Class space is limited. Registration is on a first come first serve basis, and closes 30 days in advance of class date in order to allow the recommended amount of time to study the comprehensive information necessary, prior to taking the exam at class.

$140 Registration includes: ServSafe® coursebook for pre-class self-study with scan-tron exam answer sheet included, full day of ServSafe® training on class date, followed by class exam. Catered lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is required 30 days in advance of class date. Register by calling the Extension office at (970) 249-3935.


Keep an eye out for our future classes on: Canning, Nutrition/Wellness, Food Safety Certification, Cottage Foods and Fun Cooking Classes!

Call the Montrose Extension office at 970-249-3935 to enroll in a class, or get on the waiting list for a class you're interested in but don't see scheduled yet. Check-out our website for class schedules and lots of other great food & health tips HERE.


Check out CSU Extension's ...

Emily and Ayla with one of 5 pallets of peaches they picked for Tri-River Area foodbanks. Feeding a lot of people and smiling all the way.

To LEARN MORE about how we are increasing high quality produce availability and consumption through the Community Alliance for Hunger Relief program, click HERE.

Agriculture & Business Management

Jenny Beiermann: Western Regional Extension Specialist - Agriculture & Business Management Economist

Seasonal Topic: Agriculture and Business Management Resources - Custom Rates Survey and Crop Enterprise Budgets

Colorado State University Extension has a dedicated team of agriculture and business management (ABM) economists, who are dedicated to provide outreach information including, principles and concept of production economics, financing methods and analysis, investment analysis, legal regulations on business activities, concepts of marketing and price determination, and issues related to estate planning. The ABM team has a number of resources that we have developed available online pertaining to our outreach mission, available on our website HERE. Please see below for some available resources that may be of use to you!

Crop Enterprise Budgets

The crop enterprise budgets represent the average costs and expenses and revenues for growing and harvesting the major feed, forage, and cash grain crops grown in Colorado. Great care is taken to ensure completeness in each of our budgets, which are divided up by geographical regions of the state. Each individual agricultural producer is unique in his/her production practices. Therefore, the budgets were developed as a guideline for producers, agricultural lenders, and others to use in the development of their own individual budgets.

Custom Rates Survey

Colorado State University Extension annually conducts a survey of custom rates charged for various crop and livestock operations and lease arrangements in Colorado. Data were collected from agricultural producers, landowners and managers, lenders, agricultural consultants, machine operators, and Extension agents. The rates reported herein are not recommended rates. They simply reflect the range of rates as reported by those individuals surveyed. Some reported rates may seem unusually low or high which is due to very few respondents and/or the operation is not widely performed. The information in this report should be used only as a guide.

Here is a link to the 2018 Custom Rates Survey that is now available on the ABM website. http://www.wr.colostate.edu/ABM/custrates.shtml

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are written documents providing detailed information about different agricultural practices and issues. The information obtained for these sheets is fact and science based. We have a number of fact sheets available on topics such as leasing, risk management, market planning, drought, dairy management, tax management, financial statements and budgeting, labor and personnel issues, policy and natural resource issues, succession and estate planning, and many more.

Decision Tools

Decision tools are usually excel spreadsheets, designed to help the user make decisions based on the scenario they input (usually costs and returns) specific to their farm or ranch operation. Decision tools make it easier for the user to identify their costs and returns and help them make decisions, though it should be noted that they should only be used as a guide. We have a number of decision tools pertaining to drought, land purchasing, loan amortization, raising and buying cattle and much more.

This is just a small snapshot of all the resources available on the agriculture and business management website. For more resources and information, please visit our website. If any questions arise, please feel free to email any of the economists listed on the website. We are always happy to help!


Kelsi Seymour: Area Extension Agent - General Ag and Ag Marketing

The Colorado State University Extension Tri-River Area's General Ag and Ag Marketing Program delivers non-credit educational programming and resources to producers, on the current and potential marketing channels they can use to market local crop and livestock commodities. The Ag Marketing Program also works in collaboration with other supporting agencies to enhance the economic viability of all Tri-River Area agricultural enterprises.

Introducing the New Tri-River Area Local Listing Page

Your one-stop shop to view local crop or livestock commodities for sale, as well as agricultural services being offered, such as custom farming in your area. To view current listings or market your products or services on the Local Listing Page click HERE. With questions regarding the Tri-River Area Local Listing Page, contact Kelsi Seymour, TRA General Ag and Ag Marketing agent at 970-249-3935 or kelsi.seymour@colostate.edu.


Upcoming Ag Programs and Events:

Colorado State University Extension is offering its first ever Meat School, designed to expose producers to the skills and resources required to produce high quality meat, develop long-term successful relationships with processors, and identify and access new markets for improved farm profitability.

Classes take place on October 30th, November 6th, November 13th, November 20th, December 4th and December 11th, from 6pm to 8pm. Registration is $120 for all 6 sessions. Learn more and register here.


Meredith Shrader: Area Extension Agent - Entomology

Melissa Franklin: Entomology Research Associate

Seasonal Topic: Managing Houseplant Pests

  • Many houseplant insect problems are introduced by infested plants.
  • Carefully check plants before purchasing and quarantine them in a separate area for a few weeks to avoid introducing new pest problems.
  • Changes in cultural practices can help control many household insects, such as fungus gnats.

Tri-River Area 4-H ProgramS

Delta County: Jackie Shea - Extension 4-H Youth Development Agent/STEM - 970-874-2195


Mesa County: Melissa Tabke - Extension 4-H Youth Development Agent - 970-244-1834


Montrose & Ouray Counties: Brandon Creamer - Extension 4-H Program Associate - 970-249-3935

Congratulations to Everyone on Another Successful Year of 4-H!

Let's start thinking about 4-H Enrollment for 2019-2020!

4-H enrollment for the 2019-2020 period will re-open on October 16th and continues until May 1st, 2020. IMPORTANT: Returning 4H'ers must re-enroll no later than February 3rd, 2020 to avoid a $10 late fee! Contact your local 4-H Agent for more information.

4‑H programs are grounded in the belief that kids learn best by doing. Members complete hands-on projects in areas like science, health, agriculture, and citizenship in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles. Members can concentrate on one focus area or they can try a variety of programs throughout their 4‑H experience.

Our 4-H programs are also always looking for adult volunteers to share their leadership and expertise with our members! Please Click Here for more information or call your local Extension office.

Call your local Extension office any time with questions and for more information about your county’s 4-H program or visit our web page at HERE. We look forward to meeting you in the near future!

STEM & K-12

Barbara Shaw: Western Regional STEM Specialist - 4-H Youth Development, K-12

Stephanie Lamm: Tri-River Area STEM Program Associate

STEM resources located at: https://tra.extension.colostate.edu/stem-k12/stem-resources/

HERE IT IS 4-H’ers! ...

Fun explorations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math await you each month. Check out these activities by clicking HERE!

Pictures from recent activities!

LIVESTOCK AND Range Management

Doug Dean: Area Extension Director / Livestock & Range Management Agent

Retta Bruegger: Western Regional Extension Specialist - Range Management

Upcoming Livestock & Range Management Programs & Workshops:

Seasonal Topic: How Much Livestock Will Your Land Support?

Horticulture & Master Gardener

Susan Carter: Area Extension Horticulture and Natural Resources Agent

Christine Prins: Area Extension Horticulture Program Associate/Master Gardener Coordinator

Seasonal Topic: Getting Your Plants Ready for Winter in Fall

As day lengths get shorter and temperatures are cooler night and day; it is time to reduce the frequency and amount you are watering. Reducing watering helps plants slow down and acclimate for winter's colder temperatures. By the time you are ready to winterize your irrigation system, lawns should only be watered once a week or less. If trees and shrubs are on separate zones, gradually reduce their irrigation as well even further out. Reduce watering frequency of very drought tolerant plants to once a month depending on your soil and sun exposure. More water loving trees irrigation can be reduced to 10-20 days watering schedule, again dependent on your soils, exposure, etc...

Discontinue fertilization until leaf drop of deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves). Then you know they are going into dormancy and you can do a fertilization that feeds the roots and gets trees and lawns off to a good start in spring.

Fall is a great time to aerate your lawn. Make sure to use a core aerator and go over the area multiple times. If your soil is heavy clay or lacks organic matter, this is a great time to spread 1/4” of fine compost over the lawn. Some will fall into the aeration holes letting more oxygen into the soil as well as increasing the organic matter in the soil.

This is also a great time to plant hardy bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, crocus, grape hyacinth, snow drops etc… Prepare the area by adding compost as needed. Take the height of the bulb and multiple by 3, that should be the depth of your hole. Place bone meal or bulb food in the bottom of the hole. Cover with soil and water. Winter water monthly as needed. Enjoy the flowers in spring. Bulbs are low water plants to fit into, and add color, to our western landscapes.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Colorado Master Gardener?

Colorado State University Tri-River Area Extension invites you to apply for their MASTER GARDENER PROGRAM! Applications are available NOW for classes beginning in January 2020. Deadline for submitting applications is November 18th.

Each week will include a combination of in-class presentation, online materials, and hands-on activities. Participants receive approximately 66 hours of training by Colorado State University professors and Extension agents, along with local and regional specialists.

Class topics include: Botany, Soils and Soil Amendments, Irrigation, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Tree & Shrub Planting and Care, Fruit Growing, Turf Care, Vegetable Gardening, Weed and Pest Management, Xeriscaping, and much more!

The course has two different fee options. The first is the Colorado Master Gardener option, which is a much discounted version of the Colorado Garden Certificate. The title “Colorado Master Gardener” is a coveted title and is earned through successful completion of the course and 50 hours of volunteering. Your service will help CSU Extension spread research-based gardening and garden management information to the residents of the Tri-River Area.

Another option for professionals in the Green Industry is to take this class and earn a Colorado Garden Certificate (a super resume-builder!) With completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that you have learned reputable information and skills, and can apply them in your career.

Please contact the Master Gardener Program Coordinator with any questions or to be added to the application mailing list. Call Christine Prins at 970-244-1834 or email: Christine.prins@mesacounty.us

Upcoming Horticulture Programs & Workshops:



Seth Urbanowitz: Area Extension Agent, Agronomy

Forage Establishment, Renovation & Management Demonstration Plot

Landowners are encouraged to visit the “Pasture Management Self-Guided Tour” at the Delta County Fairgrounds, 403 S. 4th Street, Hotchkiss, CO. The plot is located on the southeast corner of the fairgrounds by the river. Visitors to the Demo Plot can take a self-guided walking tour. For more information about the site, CLICK HERE.

The demonstration plot offers a hands-on view of 17 species of irrigated grasses and another 17 species of dryland grasses suited for the local area climate and soils. These grasses can be used for agricultural and natural resource conservation purposes, such as: growing hay, grazing livestock, weed suppression, erosion control, and enhancement of wildlife habitat.

To speak with our Extension agent for assistance in assessing your own soil, and to discuss the best options to help you meet your agricultural and natural resources management objectives, call Seth at 970-874-2195.


UPDATE: It's harvest time for the onion variety trials that are currently being conducted at a local farm. These trials help farmers adopt the commercial varieties suited to our environment and pest pressure. A report will be made available to the public this winter after season-long data has been analyzed and storage evaluations have been conducted.

Extension Calendar

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  • October 12, 2019 ~ Annual Fall Plant Sale & Tree Auction ~ Mesa County Extension office, Mesa County Fairgrounds
  • October 11, 2019 ~ Food Safety Works, Montrose
  • October 16, 2019 ~ 4-H Online Enrollment Opens
  • October 30, November 6, 13 and 20, December 4 and 11, 2019 CSU Extension Meat School
  • November 1, 2019 to April 15, 2020 ~ Seedling Trees, Shrubs, Pollinator Perennial Wildflowers & Grasses Sale
  • November 13, 2019 ~ ServSafe Certification Training ~ Montrose
  • November 18, 2019 ~ Deadline for submitting applications for the CSU Colorado Master Gardeners Course in Grand Junction
For complete event details, scroll back up to the "Events" Section
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