I Like Memes By logan

I like memes because they make me laugh. I like a wide variety of memes including dank memes and memes that make no sense. I really like MLG memes as well and so do my friends. My favorite meme right now is called 'Yee'.

An Italian TV Show

I also like the Y U No Like memes. They make sense.

I like illuminati memes. He is always watching.


On TV I like watching Bubble Guppies because they are so bogus and ugly to look at. And they sing constantly.

There is a TV show for kids about overweight british pigs called Peppa Pig. It is the most annoying show I have ever seen and every character's name ends with the animal they are. For example, Suzie Sheep and Danny Dog.

Last of all I am going to put Dora the Explorer on here because she is so annoying and even Internet Explorer is faster than her. Multilingual at age 4, can't locate things next to her.

Yee End

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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