National Pet's Day April 11th

I think national pets day should be created because people could spend time with their pets. I think it is a great idea to make this a great holiday because, some people love to play with their pets and to just cuddle with them all day! I love my pets and I would love to just spend one day with them, that is all about them!

National pet's day was created so people could be with their pets on a very special day.

Everyone will be able to celebrate this holiday because it gives you one whole day to spend with your pets. Most people would have this day off of work and so they could spend the whole day with their pets. I love pets and if this day was a real day I would spend the whole day with my pets!

Your pets love to cuddle

This is the day to make your pets feel special and loved. Let them know how you really care about them. Love them like they love you!

These pets make you happy!

You make your pets happy and they make you even happier!

Pets want to be loved all the time!

They love you no matter what!

They like your attention

They love to cuddle all the time!

These kinds of dogs are very playful.

Thes animals help us reduce our negativity .

These furry little creatures help you make new friends.

These animals are not considered as animals that often, they are considered as family!

This is fluffy and she loves to cuddle!

You should always take care of your pets! And love them!

Let your pets be free and not in a cage!

Don't ever abuse you pets but hey will probably be really mean when they get older!

Love your pets in every way possible!

You should let your pets run around the house. That is a good way for them to get exercise.

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