I'm not too sure what we did in class this past week. So it must not have been too exciting

That title is bullshit because class was actually pretty exciting! We are getting ready to research and write about the monsters we chose and I took it a completely different direction rather than some comic book villain or historical monster. I'm really excited to write about what I chose which I won't be detailing here because there is no use to let a cat out of the bag, when I have a cat in the bag.

I know that didn't make sense

Basic White Girl

I included a picture of a basic white girl mirror selfie because it so so so overdone, so cliche, so boring, so whatever synonym of boring there is, and it is still more exciting than this stupid book we are reading called "Envision." Envision some very dry, dense, Composition textbook, lacking of any emotion or mind that could possibly be human and you have a pretty good idea of this tragedy of a book I'm required to read for this course. My professor Christopher hates it too so we only have to read 4 chapters or something like that but it's really stupid to me. I mean, if you wanna write better, write. If you wanna get a fit-body, workout and eat well. If you want to edit a good video, work on 10 in iMovie until you realize you should move on and make another 10 in Adobe Premier Pro and you'll surely be better. Yes we should all learn how to do something if we are beginners but there is no substitute for experience. This is better writing practice that actually reading about it in that stupid book.

Bard Creative Piece-Glideshow

I'm starting research on my monster which is really, really, really exciting and boring in a way if that makes sense

Caption on caption skills

I know why we are required to have a minimum of 6 sources but I know a good bit of information about my monster and I have found two heavy sources.

See, I know a shit-ton about the Beatles. If I wrote a book about their religious beliefs, no one would need another source besides mine, except maybe one to back me up because a teacher wouldn't think ThiccWetPapi.com would be a credible source. So these sources that are telling me so much about my chosen monster are sure to give me a good 5 pages, finding another 4 seems rather pointless if the information becomes dull so if there is a shorter number of sources, I'm sure after I explain my position it will be understood-I will still make it a research paper.

Lastly, I love being a Bard. I love being creative and being able to use some of my abilities to create content for this course. A lot of courses don't allow you to give a simple opinion because it is cut-and-dry and there is no need for input, just learn and rehearse the material. Some of that is good but it is time for more courses to be like this one and give the students a voice to let their creative thoughts find physical expression.


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