No Voice Of Mine By Strung Out

Exile In Oblivion

2004 | Punk

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“Its in the way we never seem to get it right! -- A systematic form of bowin down and under. -- And all we know is what we are, without the faith in who we are. -- Soo desperate..."


  • Strung out formed in 1991 in Simi Valley, Vocalist Jason Cruz and guitarists Jake Kiley and Rob Ramos are the constant and original members
  • Exile in oblivion represents the bands fifth full length and the beginings of a harder more metal influenced sound for the band.
  • The band alongside acts like Lagwagon, Propagandhi, Belvedere & R.K.L are known for raising the level of musicianship in punk music, debunking common stereotypes of simplicity associated with the genre.


Luke Tatum

"The voice that has been speaking for me is no voice of mine!" Politics 101, or so it seems. It's impossible for your "representatives" to really represent the people. It is possible, though outrageously unlikely, that a politician represents you. This would mean that they reflect all of your values in the way they conduct themselves within the political sphere. They make the decisions you would make if you were the one in power. But even if this should ever occur for you by some twist of fate, the fact of this means inevitably that almost everyone else is not being represented. To have representative government is a fallacy, pure and simple! Politicians need you, it's true. But it would be foolish in the extreme to think they need you for something beyond votes and tax revenue.

Sherry Voluntary

That feeling when, you realize The State really believes they own you. .

Nicky P

The hook to this song could be the dictionary definition of government as far as im concerned. It points out it's just a system of servitude and then follows up with the double whammy of laying out the dependency and erosion of self esteem that it creates. It's a self grinding machine designed to push its respective classes toward their inevitable places in society. Fuck that system. See your position and break the machine apart.

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Nicky P