Whitkirk News! 14th may 2021

A message from Mrs Stout

Well, what a week of weather! I think all of us have got trench foot after being drenched time after time! Why does it always pour down at hometime? It has been a busy week and we have also been given the next step of the roadmap around the gradual easing of restrictions. For us as a school, this means we can press ahead with some of our summer event plans and we are also easing the request to wear a face covering whilst outside of school collecting and dropping off your children. We do thank you for your support in wearing a face covering if you were medically able to do so - and I look forward to seeing your faces (smiling I hope!) on Monday morning!

Some parents have been asking about teachers for next year - we are busy finalising our recruitments for some staff who are leaving or going on maternity leave and will let you know the new class allocations as soon as we possibly can. Please be rest assured that we have built in robust and well thought out transition sessions for children to meet their new teacher and to spend time in their new classrooms. It is an exciting time and we are very much looking forward to our future successes!

Enjoy the newsletter and the weekend when it comes and we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone celebrating Eid a lovely time - Eid Mubarak!

Online Safety

There are free teaching resources for Be Internet Legends by Google and Parent Zone. These are for 7 to 11-year-olds and designed to teach young people the skills and behaviours they need to be safer and more confident online. This includes resources to help pupils spot misinformation and be alert to online risks.

Staffing updates!

As we approach the end of the academic year, arrangements are well underway for the 2021/2022 academic year. As many of you know, Miss Murphy is pregnant and will be leaving Whitkirk at the end of this half term and we'd also like to congratulate Miss Baker who is also expecting a baby! Our recruitment process has begun and we're looking forward to welcoming new teachers into our team. Within this recruitment, we have secured a new Reception and EYFS Leader and for many of you, it will be a familiar face... We're certain that many of you will be pleased to hear that Miss Emery will be re-joining our Whitkirk family in September as our EYFS Leader and Reception teacher.


We've had another week of impressive attendance! In first place is Y4CO with a fantastic 99.3%, followed by Y1KD with 98.3% and just behind them is Y5ZI with 98.2%.

After school:

Please remember that children are not permitted to play on the adventure trail or the hill before or after school. We let children play here during the school day but for our site risk assessment, there is always a member of staff supervising the area. If you have a child(ren) in Reception/KS1 and KS2, we ask that you support us with these school safety rules whilst waiting to collect siblings due to the staggered end times to avoid any accidents.

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


We can’t believe we are at the end of week 4 in Summer term 1-time flies when you are having fun! Some of our challenges have been inspired by the book ‘Superworm’. We have designed our own Superhero capes and masks and we have created new habitats for Superworm after reading a letter he sent to us asking for a new home. During a circle time, we discussed what superpower we each would like to have. Some of us wanted to fly, run fast, be able to freeze and even jump high. We also had a delivery of tiny caterpillars, we are watching them grow and after a few weeks we will be able to put them into our special net and hopefully see them transform into butterflies. During another circle time, we talked about friendship and what makes a good friend, we also welcomed two worry monsters, one in each class. They are there to cuddle when we need a hug and can post a name card into the mouth if we want to talk to an adult about a worry we may have. In Maths, we have continued with 'First, Then and Now' stories, we have worked in pairs to play a pebble game and used the story ‘Kippers Toy Box’ to help us with our subtraction activities.


We have enjoyed being back at school this week! We have started to learn about time in Maths; using vocabulary such as 'before' and 'after' to describe and order days of the week and months of the year. We have enjoyed learning catchy songs to help them remember the order of the days of the week. As scientists, we completed an investigation looking at a variety of materials and working out if they can be squashed, bent and stretched. As historians, we have learnt some key facts about The Great Fire of London and looked at how it changed London as a city.

Are we Year 1/2 or now known as the class of historian writers? We’re not quite sure as we have absolutely smashed our writing tasks linked to The Great Fire of London this week. We started the week describing what happened during the fire using our text map, to then finding out about Samuel Pepys. We used drama to hot seat as Samuel and interview him with questions. The children asked many insightful questions such as “How did you escape and survive the Great Fire?” and “How did you feel at that time?”. Wow, what a week! Well done year 1/2, we are so proud!

Mrs Williams has been blown away with Year 2's progress when learning fractions this week. Year 2 pupils have been working on finding half, quarters and thirds of shapes and quantities. The children have had an amazing attitude to learning. We have also been working extremely hard in English/Theme and have been stepping into Samuel Pepys' shoes and writing diary entries. We have also been super busy in DT where we have been working hard on our engineering and joining skills by building Truss Bridges and Beam Bridges. Another busy week full of learning and fun - well done Year 2!


In English this week, we have certainly used our imaginations! We used the dragons we created on Monday to write our own non-chronological reports which included prepositions and conjunctions. We definitely had some interesting and unique dragon creations! We worked together as Scientists to set up an investigation to answer the question: How does removing some or all of the leaves effect how a plant grows? We will measure the plants over the coming weeks to find out! We have been busy sewing our designs onto our own bags in DT and using our map skills for orienteering in the school grounds. We can’t wait to see what next week will bring for year 3!

This week in Year 4, we have had another exciting week! We have started writing our non-chronological reports all about Himalayan creatures. We've been thinking carefully about the language that we've used and the features that they have. We definitely have some future non-fiction authors in Year 4! We've also started our rounders unit in PE, focusing on our throwing and catching skills, ready to put into action for a small game next week (in the sunshine - fingers crossed!) We've also furthered our Science enquiry question by thinking about what impact littering has on our environment and created strategies to help different species.


Year 5 have had a busy week writing to Boris Johnson! Our class text features a young 9 year old, refugee boy called Ahmet who has had to leave his home country, Syria. We have recently learnt that the government want to close the borders and everyone in his class (plus Y5 at Whitkirk!) are outraged. We must keep the borders open if there’s any chance of finding his parents. To do our part, we have been writing to the Prime Minister detailing all our reasons why we must help refugee children. All the staff in Y5 have been blown away by the maturity of all pupils and have loved seeing their writing come to life! Watch out for an update on whether or not the parents are found!

In Year 6, we have been angle masters! Not only have we been recapping angles on a straight line, around a point, we have also been solving problems which involve opposite angles and angles in a triangle. We know that with key angle facts in our pocket, nothing can stop up! As writers we have been stepping in the shoes of our current novel's protagonist! From the perspective of Bod (a young boy found orphaned at 18 months old), we have created powerful autobiographies of his significant life. The adults have been so impressed with the Year 6s desire to challenge themselves and make sure any writing 'niggles' have been tackled! Well done Year 6, come rain or shine (or thunderstorm!) you always bring smiles to our faces and brighten the cloudiest of days with your resilience and determination to succeed!

Our stars of the week!

Have a fantastic weekend everybody- take care!

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