Awaken Your Sexuality / Ieva Amala / 3 September / 17:00 CET FESTIVAL / 2021

There is a strong sexual awakening in the world right now. We are the creations of this Earth and we are all permeated with nature by this divine sexual energy. Unfortunately but almost all of us have been taught that sexuality, sex is bad, while in the meantime it is a sacred expression of life itself. Now the world is on its way, when we learn about it again, we start listening more to our body, emotions, we are not afraid of shadow work. I look forward to meeting you, I will share what is important on the road to sexual awakening, what questions are important to ask yourself, how to reflect with yourself.

Ieva Amala is a female coach who has been on the consciousness path for more than 10 years. She has experienced many trials in life that have led to self-knowledge and unconditional love for herself and others. For many years, Ieva ran one of the largest digital agencies in Lithuania, but when her open heart began to shout that she wanted something completely different, she quickly left all businesses and devoted herself to other women to enable her cycle gifts, understand what was going on with their bodies and emotions and most importantly see the true beauty of their soul.

Ieva Amala currently runs personal coaching sessions, online courses, events and retreats.


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