Colliesonline Ring Patterns November 2019

Welcome to Ring Patterns, the Colliesonline.com feature where we re-cap, month by month, the general achievements of the breed at specialties and all-breeds throughout the country. There were a robust 20 specialties held in November in six states: California, Tennessee, Oregon, Ohio, Alabama and Hawaii.

The specialty show that received the highest entry of collies and actual competitors was for judge Lily Russell at California Collie Fanciers on Saturday, November 2 in Roseville, California. The show was held as part of a six-show specialty circuit. There were 78 collies at this specialty with 66 shown on the day with more smooths (35) shown than roughs (31). Entries were up significantly from last year's circuit due to the fact that there are more smooths being shown in California. The contrast to 2019 was clear as 2018's show entry was 14 smooths.

The only other specialty circuit that had a comparable ratio of smooths to roughs was the Cleveland, Ohio shows. One of the shows there had entries of 22 roughs and 22 smooths.

GCH Larkspur Sun, Moon And Stars took eight specialty Bests of Breed in November.

November Best of Breed Winners

The lineup of Best of Breed winners included 12 collies — two smooth dogs, four smooth bitches, three rough dogs, one rough bitch and two veteran rough bitches. Two of these twelve collies were awarded multiple Best of Breed awards. Rough bitch, GCH Larkspur Sun, Moon And Stars was awarded eight Best in Specialty awards and the veteran rough bitch, GCHS Shalimar's Double 'L' And Away We Go, took home two breed wins. The following dogs were awarded one Best of Breed: GCH Overland Ultralight (R/D), GCH Southland Aurealis Island Nights (R/D), GCHG Scalloway's Lion Hunter (R/D), GCH Celidh's If I Can Dream (S/D), Blackpoint's Return To The Runway, CD (S/D), GCHB Demuir Heiress At First Light (S/B), CH Creekwood Blausertown Hot N Spicy (S/B), GCHB Corjalin's Light Of A Thousand Stars (S/B), CH Headline's Flair for the Dramatic (S/B), CH PACH 2 Deep Rivers Joie De Vive, HSAsd, CD (R/Vet/B).

GCH Southland Aurealis Island Nights was awarded Best of Breed at Pacific Northwest Collie Club under judge Yvonne Defreitas.

Dogs that excel in one venue are very impressive. And, when dogs cross over and catch the eye of judges at both the specialty and all-breed shows, it is additionally noteworthy. In November, a few collies did just that. They were the rough dog, GCHG Scalloway's Lion Hunter (R/D), the smooth dog, GCH Celidh's If I Can Dream and the smooth bitch, CH Headline's Flair for the Dramatic (S/B). All of these dogs were awarded one Best in Specialty and a Group placement.

The rough dog, GCHG Scalloway's Lion Hunter, was awarded a Best in Specialty at Collie Club of Alabama and topped the Group four times in November.
The 6-9 month puppy, Aura Island Starry Night, was awarded Group 1 at the Alaska Herding Group Club under judge Denise Dean. There were 81 competitors at this show.

At the all-breeds: Collies accrued 24 Herding Group placements with four collies taking seven Group 1 awards: GCHG Scalloway's Lion Hunter (R/D), GCH Ceilidh's If I Can Dream (S/D), Aura Island Starry Night (R/D), GCH Kiriko's Rock Star (R/D). The judges who awarded the Group 1 awards were as follows: Joe Purkhiser, Col., USAF, Ret., Dana Cline, David Bolus, Carolyn Herbel, Sharon Redmer, Denise Dean and Barbara Alderman.

November saw 12 collies record placements – five roughs and seven smooths, 10 dogs two bitches. Other placements included six Group 2s, five Group 3s and six Group 4s. Of all the placements, the Rough Variety came away with a ribbon 13 times compared to 11 for the Smooth Variety.

Group placing collies total 12 in November

Roughs placing in the group5: CH Fleur De Lis Jp Double Delight (B), GCHG Scalloway's Lion Hunter, TKN (D), GCHB Highcroft St. Germaine Wildfire (D), the 6-9 month, Aura Island Starry Night (D) and GCH Kiriko's Rock Star (D).

Smooths placing in the group7: GCHG Travler Sugarnspice Witches Do Come Blue (D), GCH Ceilidh's If I Can Dream (D), GCHB Tamaron's Raise A Little Hell (D), CH Arrowstar Renaissance Man (D), GCH Headline's Flair For The Dramatic (B), GCH Nirvana's Sunshines Ghost Rider, BN, HSAd, HXAd, FDC, CGC, TKA (D).

The largest number of herding dogs exhibited at a show in which a collie placed was 293. It was at Lima Kennel Club in Columbus, Ohio. The award was a Group 4 and it went to the smooth bitch, GCH Headline's Flair For The Dramatic. The Herding Group judge was David Kirkland.

National Owner-handled Series: Herding Group judges placed 23 collies 32 times in the AKC's National Owner-handled Series. The placements included nine Group 1 awards, seven for the Rough Variety and two for the Smooth Variety. Smooths earned 19 placements compared to 13 for the roughs.

GCH Mello-D's Shadows And Light, handled by Babbi Dilbeck, DVM, took four NOHS placements in November.

NOHS award winners for November: CH Creekwood Blausertown Hot N Spicy, GCH Sylvan Argent Creston Serenade, GCH Mello-D's Shadows And Light, CH Gambit's Sunkissed Grand Illusion, GCHB Capella's Mirabeau Blue Dakota Wynde, CGC, GCH Wyldrose Anticipation, Foxfire Glitterati, CH Pine Ridge 5c's Sweet Emotion, Jjaed's Solid Gold, GCHS Wild Wind's Rev On The Red Line, RA, CH Heatherfield Wait A Cotton Pickin Minute, Mandalay Gateside Trinity Bellatrix, CH Divine's Double Portion, RN, CGC, Nehani's Chimera Red Hot Minute, CH Aidan's Fly Me To The Moon, PT, Gateside Mandalay At Blackmoor, CGC, TKN, Glenloch's Rhythm Of The Night, GCH Fantasy's Glory Days At Shepherds' Mission, CH Sequoia Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes, FDC, GCHS Tir Nan' Og Brighton The Night Of Willow Fox Farm, FDC, GCH Crispin Dancing Man, CD, RA, PT, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, OF, TKN, E'Marie's Dancing In The Moonlight, Nehani's Chimera Red Hot Minute.

Congratulations to all!

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